sex positions for men with bad knees

A satisfying sex life is important for a healthy intimate relationship, which in turn is important for a healthy happy life. People with physical conditions, which make lovemaking on a be 238 d uncomfortable, painful or frustrating, want a satisfying sex life as much as people without such conditions. In fact they may be more in need in hopes that good sex may compensate for other relationship problems that may be a by-product of their conditions. Furthermore, with the widespread availability of Viagra and similar drugs, some couples who have not been intimate for months or years are finding that their bodies no longer accept positions that they used to easily attain, that their older joints are rebelling and they become even more frustrated than bef 13af ore Viagra.

The Compass Institute designs specialty furniture for the health and lifestyles market, and has been selling LuvSeat ( for over two years. A number of customers have written that they have a physical condition such as above, and that the LuvSeat has been a great benefit in their lovemaking. We also have the professional endorsements of a Harvard affiliated urologist with a specialty in sexual issues, a practicing chiropractor, several physical therapists and the American Academy of Sexologists, among others. They opine that the LuvSeat will be beneficial for folks with certain physical conditions that make it difficult or uncomfortable to make love on a flat plane, such as a bed (see endorsements) But these are still just anecdotes and opinions.

Research needed: We know that the LuvSeat is beneficial to all intimate couples in that it enables them to easily to experiment with different positions and angles during lovemaking, and extend lovemaking by reducing fatigue. Even more important, if the LuvSeat facilitates a satisfying sex life for folks with certain physical problems this should be documented and made known so that more people can take advantage of this innovation. If the LuvSeat is merely an interesting toy, this should also be documented so that the Compass Institute does not mislead people with its marketing claims.

Research Protocol: To obtain such data we have begun a clinical trial of the LuvSeat.

1. The research is being conducted by Elizabeth DAntonio, NP, and supervised by Dr. Myron Murdock a urologist and a nationally respected expert in clinical trials for products dealing with sexual dysfunctions (click here for his bio).

2. The following physical conditions are candidates for research:

a. Either partner who has pain or stiffness in knees, lower back, neck, or hips caused by arthritis, acute injury or joint replacement

b. Either of both partners who my be significantly overweight or obese

c. For men, amputation above the knee or of a hand or arm

d. Women in advanced months of pregnancy

e. Men with a condition called venus leak

f. Men who have had radical prostrate surgery and can achieve only an 80% partial erection

3. Couples who qualify will complete a questionnaire which will establish a base line of their satisfaction with lovemaking in many positions.

4. They will be loaned a LuvSeat for three to four weeks and they will agree to use it at least twice per week and keep a personal diary of their experience and feelings.

5. At the end they will complete the same questionnaire, and also be asked:

a. Has the use of the LuvSeat improved your overall satisfaction with your sexual experience? Yes ___ No ___ Please describe

b. Would you recommend the LuvSeat to people who have the same physical condition listed above? Yes ___ No: ___ Please elaborate

Results To Date. The researchers have not completed the data analysis, but all couples responded YES to the two questions above.

Offer to your public: We would like to make an offer to your public.(This offer is posted on our web site, click on clinical trials). If they or their partner have one or more of the physical conditions listed above and they wish to add their experience to the clinical trials, we would ship them a LuvSeat at no cost for four weeks in return for their feedback. It would of course not be counted as strongly as the data from the patients that Dr. Murdock is managing but would still be included in the study.

Richard Harris, President of Compass Institute is available for interview at your convenience. Liz D'Antonio and Dr. Murdock are available depending upon scheduling. We would be pleased discuss loaning a LuvSeat to you so that you can evaluate its capabilities.

Richard Harris is a 63 year old retired health care executive who invented the LuvSeat because of a bad knee which gave him pain during lovemaking on a bed. All of the chairs that he and his wife tried were too low, tables were too high and the edge of the bed got in the way. Necessity being the mother (and father) of invention, he engaged a top Boston design firm and clinicians at Harvard Medical School to design the LuvSeat, some three years ago.

Photos and more information are available upon request.

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