trucking companies that pre hire students

Gary Richardson, Director of Recruiting for H.O. Wolding of Amherst, WI recently told Northeast Technical Institute (NTI), “We have an urgent need to add new drivers to our company. We have a long and successful relationship with NTI which supplies our fleet with qualified, safety conscious, and dedicated employees. That is why we are asking for your help – we need more of your graduates!”

Government and industry figures show a need for at least 80,000 new truck drivers each year. These are new positions that reflect industry expansion, not simply replacements for drivers who leave the field or retire. A career as a professional truck driver offers many advantages like great pay, benefits, and the comfort in knowing that you have a job that is nearly immune to lay-offs and downsizing.

Roehl Transport, with locations throughout the U.S., is in the same predicament. Wendy Bartz, a Driver Employment Assistant Manager for the company says, “There is a large need for safe, quality drivers at Roehl, and industry wide. As time goes on, we will have even a more difficult time finding good drivers. We look to NTI to fill some of those needs and to continue to provide us with a consistent flow of drivers in the Northeast region.”

And John Cooper of Covenant Transport in Chattanooga, TN says, “We value our relationship with NTI and the safe, qualified drivers you train. In fact, Covenant Transport has the capacity to hire as many graduates as you can supply us with.

Since the early 1980’s, NTI has successfully partnered with literally hundreds of local and national carriers. Some of these companies make monthly recruiting visits to NTI campuses to pre-hire as many students as they can. And the students at NTI enjoy the many benefits that attending NTI offers, including low-interest rate financing with no payments until 6 months after graduation, job interviews during the training program, flexible schedules, and on-going placement assistance.

Robert Lash of South Berwick, ME is a recent truck driving graduate of NTI. Robert graduated from high school in 2001 and always dreamed of becoming a truck driver, but ended bouncing around as a security guard from one company to another since graduation. Half way through his 4 week training program at NTI, Robert received 5 job offers and chose Roehl Transport and could not be happier with his decision.

Richard Lanois of Lewiston, ME drove a city cab for 8 years. He loved to drive but was not seeing much of the country or making enough money. Sick and tired of putting his decision off to go to school at NTI to improve his professional life, Richard finally enrolled in the trucking program. By Richard’s third week of training he received 6 job offers and decided to drive for Werner Enterprises. He’s now enjoying his job, making great money, and loving life on the open road.

NTI offers a variety of other short-term, career focused training for in-demand careers including Medical Assistant, Health Information, Information Technology, and Business Administration. All of their programs are geared towards national certification which assists the student in securing employment after graduation.

To learn more about the many employment opportunities available in the trucking industry and training information, contact Northeast Technical Institute at (800) 447-1151 or visit them online at

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Rhonda Nicholson