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totally nude girl™ announces the debut of its premier product, Après Brazil Muff Buff™, the first organic product to market that helps prevent the rash and ingrown hair due to bikini area hair removal. totally nude girl™ products are available at the online store TNG PRODUCTS, at Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out events this week in NYC, and next month in the Hamptons and Philadelphia. Other new products will appear at specialty spas and retailers this summer.

totally nude girl™ is the creation of Laurie Schäfer, an entrepreneur and self-proclaimed totally nude girl. “I wanted to create a line that has nothing to hide – a totally nude brand – with no artificial ingredients period and no false marketing-speak in the promotion. I know my products are superior to anything on the market because I use fresh organic ingredients and no artificial fragrances,” says Ms. Schäfer.

After years of suffering from allergies to the chemicals used in commercial personal products, Ms. Schäfer, a former medical education consultant, saw a need for natural and organic body care products that are what they proclaim to be. Après Brazil Muff Buff™ is an organic solution to the unpleasant aftereffects of bikini area hair removal.

Après Brazil Muff Buff™ combines a gentle skin exfoliator with a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Daily use helps prevent the rash, ingrown hairs, and bumps that many women suffer when grooming their bikini area. It can also be safely used anywhere on the body where unwanted hair is removed, such as legs, underarms, and facial areas (e.g., eyebrows, lip, and chin).

Après Brazil Muff Buff contains no artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives. Ms. Schäfer specifically sourced safe, non-toxic, natural and organic fair trade ingredients in the development of Muff Buff™ in keeping with the company’s credo of truth in labeling with no greenwashing. “Most of the natural products available are being promoted using greenwashing,” explains Schäfer. “That’s a marketing term to explain that the word ‘natural’ on a green colored label doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t being exposed to chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate and artificial preservatives and fragrances.” As the totally nude girl credo proclaims, “our products are tested on totally nude girls, never on animals.”

totally nude girl™ is committed not only to the use of safe, socially responsible ingredients, but also to giving back. The business philosophy is based on a philanthropic model that gives to charity 10% of EVERY sale of EVERY product EVERY day of the year. “One of the motivations for starting my own company was to be able to control what and how much I give back to the Universe. I am seriously committed to being a catalyst for change and to seeing in my lifetime the end of violence against women, men, children, animals and all things natural on this planet,” says Ms. Schäfer. More on TNG’s company philosophy and credo can be found here:

In 2009, TNG PRODUCTS is donating 10% of all sales to V-Day and their campaign: Stop

Raping our Greatest Resource: Power to Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo. V-Day, created by celebrated playwright Eve Ensler, is working with UNICEF in the Democratic Republic of Congo on a global campaign that represents UN Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict. The campaign also supports the selfless work of Dr. Denis Mukwege, founder of Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, DRC and winner of the 2008 UN Human Rights Prize. After hearing Eve Ensler and Dr. Mukwege speak, Ms. Schäfer was moved to choose this important work as the focus of her charitable giving this year. Visit V-day online for more information on this campaign.

TNG PRODUCTS LLC plans to launch other new innovative and healthy products that are good for consumers and the planet this summer. TNG PRODUCTS LLC takes pride in their green philosophy, every unique product, and their dedication to customer service. “We put our money into the quality ingredients and into our charities, not into slick websites and packaging,” says owner, Laurie Schäfer. TNG PRODUCTS LLC is an independently owned company created by a self-proclaimed totally nude girl.

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