can i buy rustproof dishwasher racks that won't rust

RusSan Enterprises, LLC, out of Gulf Breeze, Florida, announces the launch of its new website, The site is making available to the public for the first time a product which can make rusty dishwasher racks look brand new.

"People no longer need to suffer through the embarrassment of having ugly, rusty dishwasher racks," says Lance Sandstead, President of RusSan Enterprises, LLC. "Most people just let this rust grow until the rack has to be thrown out and then they spend a lot more money on new ones. And they do it because they don't know there's an alternative. Now, people can repair those old racks for a fraction of the cost of buying new racks or a whole new dishwasher."

RusSan's product, Dishwasher Rack Repair Magic, consists of a bottle of liquid vinyl that brushes on and coats rusted areas, preventing them from deteriorating further. The product is available in three different colors to match the interior color of most commercial dishwashers: white, grey and light blue.

"Dishwasher racks are going to rust because of the way they are coated," says Sandstead. "Often there are small pinholes left in the coating at the welded joints. That's where the rust usually begins. Rack tines are another area prone to rust. Those are the pieces of vinyl or nylon coated wire that hold up dishes while they get washed. Sometimes, tines are rusted completely through at the base where they were welded to the support wiring, leaving a sharp rusty point than can be dangerous. As long as there aren't too many tines missing, even these areas can be cleaned and coated, extending the life of the rack."

Dishwasher Rack Repair Magic puts on a fresh vinyl coating that is both waterproof and rust-proof for a fraction of the cost of either buying new racks or replacing the dishwasher. Also available are small, vinyl caps to put on tine endings to cover bare metal. New dishwasher racks cost between $60 and $120 each, double that if both a top and bottom rack are needed. But consumers now have a choice. For as little as $4.99 a bottle, people can repair their dishwasher racks to look brand new with RusSan's Dishwasher Rack Repair Magic. RusSan offers a variety of packages that come with or without tine repair caps. To see the complete line of products available, please click here.

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