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Fiu Fiu!, makers of designer Brazilian swimwear, fitness wear and micro bikinis are currently featuring a new look with exclusive photosets by Model Mayhem members from around the world.

Fiu Fiu!, located virturally at operates out of Las Vegas, NV. The website now features some of the world's most exciting models and photographers. It's the brainchild of owner, webmaster and co-president Tim Baurer - an award-winning art director and photographer. "I wanted to give back to the creative field... in a way. I know what it's like to try to impress a client but usually a client has so many constraints for a project, it limits creative freedom." says Tim. "Our new site allows artists full-creative license." Tim continues, "And by being located in Vegas we find a lot of the top models and photographers actually come to us now. It's a great location to operate from."

The new look started out as a simple craig's list posting. A listing entitled: "Be a Part of Creating Fiu Fiu's New Vegas Look. Gain Exposure. Showcase Your Talents." Little did Fiu Fiu! realize the amount of attention it would generate. What had they started? They wondered. Could they pull it off? Could they make Fiu Fiu! unique in the fashion world by allowing artists they've never met dictate how their products would be displayed?

The first photographer featured for their new look was 18 year old Vegas-based photographer Josh Hess who shot former playboy model Joy Worrel and co-owner Jaque in the bowels of the Flamingo Hotel on the strip. "It was great to be able to do my own thing on such a grand scale. I couldn't ask for more. Tim and Jaque were a joy to work with" said Josh.

Samantha Kelly, a Vegas-based model on location with photographer Jennifer Chamberlin agrees. "This new look allows me to branch out as a model and do whatever (and be whomever) I feel like being on the day of a shoot".

Recently, Tim knew he was onto something when even more accomplished models, make up artists and photographers started requesting suits to shoot on location. FLEX magazine will be shooting Fiu Fiu's new 2009 swimwear collection for their upcoming swimwear edition with acclaimed photographer Terry Goodlad in the coming weeks.

"There is no guessing where the site will go next with possible video and multimedia features but I do know that it's always going to fun and the site will continue to look hot and be a great opportunity for artists to showcase their talents" says Tim. "The site will go wherever the next creative team takes it...that's the beauty of my concept."

Tim plans of featuring a book, a calendar and even hold a gallery show of all the top artistic images featured at the site. He also looks to shoot again himself. "After seeing all the great images that flood my email almost everyday…it's only natural as an artist to want to take part again." Tim used to shoot his wife and partner Jaque when the company first started in 2002. Jaque continues to appear as a model on the site and is head sales manager handling most orders.

Fiu Fiu! L.L.C. originated on the Main Line - in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Got their feet wet inOrange County, California and are now letting it all hang out in Las Vegas. consistently generated outstanding online sales and had doubled billings every summer since 04 by keeping repeat business of a satisfied base with superior customer service and quality hard-to-find products. Fiu Fiu! had been featured in Oxygen, Ocean Drive, MuscleMag, Atlanta Peach and Oy Magazines to name a few. And on MTV and the Travel Channel. They were featured on the Howard Stern Show and their first professional model, Kara Monaco, was named Playmate of the year in 2006.

Fiu Fiu!s 2009 collection features sexy new designs from their exclusive designers. The line will showcase fun prints, colors and some polka dots. There will be a designer swimwear line with Brazilian cuts, a sexy fitnesswear collection and an exclusive micro swimwear line called Brazilian eXotics. "A lot of customers comes to us because we feature a lot of suits with traditional Brazilian-cut bottoms…something larger swimwear outlets tend to shy away from." says Tim. "And we stock these suits all year long instead of just seasonal since many of our orders come from Europe or even as far away as Australia. It's always summer somewhere in the world!"

The new Fiu Fiu! site features photographers: Jason Lee, Jennifer Chamberlin, Tony Turner, William Jay, Andy McFarland,, Calvin Merritt, MJ Flix, Mark Mosher, Brent Allen, Stan Batz, Josh Hess, Zach Wise, James Fredlund, Ad Jetten, DMS Graphix, Onyx Photography, Glen Foster, Lolita Wilson, Omar Ortiz, Shaun Goodrich, Tony Thompson, Armando Boreno, John Bamford and Dana Numkena.

Models already featured at are: Playmate of the year 2006 Kara Monaco, Theresa Correa, Sarah Collins, Brandyce Lee Jaxon, Mandi Fanelli, Zaya Taylor, Christine LeMaster, Rachel Hind, Carmen Ortega, Mastura, Charity Hodges, Cilicia Teal, Jamie Villamor, Rebecca Miller, Amanda Olson, Kristen Glamour, Ashley Shank, Misty Dawn, Playmates Tiffany Selby and Laura Croft, Laura Cenci, Laura Jones, Kellie Maines, Teresa Noreen, Jennifer Callaway, Maigan, Jesse Wall, Christina Vinson, Nicole Moser, Jennifer Reyes, Stephanie Brewster, Erica Dittman, Joy Worrel, Allyson Flores, Katilenia, Bibi Brandt, Nathalie Unterberger, Bibi Nissen, Amaris, Nikki Elle, Rachel Sinclair, TJ Reese, Mary Korola, Samantha Kelly, Samantha Fishinghawk, Jen Frost, Makana Marie, Kervins Duvall, Becky Carrillo, India Delacruz, Pam Rodgiquez, Abby Lindeman, Whitney Jene, Joanna Pena, Veronica Tejeda, Ali Sonoma, Melanie Tillbrook, Ericka Underwood, Melissa Marie, Claudia G., Brandi Michelle, Noy DeBeer, Tiffany Jackson, Jusyna N, Bethany Marie, Shane Hardcore, Annie Social, Jenny P and Tina Thompson Pope. Even some adult stars can be viewed at such as Gina Lynn, Nikki Nova, Crissy Moran, Mariah Milano, Rachel Aziani and Luana Lani.

"Teaming up with Model Mayhem ( for this TFP event has been incredible. The amount of talent available there is enormous and the site is a breeze to use. It's been a tremendous assent in implementing our new look and I couldn't have done it without them" concludes Tim.

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Tim Baurer
Fiu Fiu! LLC