dealing with passive-aggressive employees

The book, Blindsided--Recognizing and Dealing with Passive-Aggressive Leadership in the Workplace, written by Paula M. De Angelis, PhD (, is raising the awareness of employees who work for passive-aggressive men and women so that they can begin to understand the dynamics of a passive-aggressive (often toxic) workplace. Frequent mixed signals from the boss about an employee's work performance or future career prospects, an employee who feels used or victimized by specific and persistent behavior in a company leader, or an employee who is consistently bypassed or ignored when it comes time for a promotion or a salary increase represent some of the situations resulting from the crazy-making behavior of passive-aggressive bosses.

Passive-aggressive behavior in company leadership is described in real-life stories from the front--often demoralized employees who have experienced passive-aggressive behavior from bosses during many years of working. The negative impact that a passive-aggressive work environment has on its employees is emphasized and discussed. There are solutions for dealing with passive-aggressive bosses, but awareness of how these leaders behave is the first step toward any potential solution. Actual problems associated with working for passive-aggressive individuals are presented as well as some potential solutions for how to deal with these types of bosses. This book is for employees who are suffering at work as well as for company personnel who have understood that it is necessary to have leaders with both technical competence and emotional intelligence, not just the former. Dr. De Angelis' book is available on in print format ( and as a Kindle book (

Dr.De Angelis has worked in academic research environments for the past thirty years and is the director of De Angelis Freelance Science, a consulting company specializing in scientific and medical writing. She is currently working on a new book about how good workplace leadership is defined.

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Paula M. De Angelis