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When it comes to Christmas door decor, 'tis the season to go all natural. Far beyond the basic wreath, simple touches of the outdoors can complement any architectural style and celebrate regional traditions. Look beyond door decorations found at the local craft store for inspiration in decorating. Instead, use natural materials found in the kitchen and backyard, such as dried fruits, wild grasses and leaves to create a home's seasonal decor.

Proportion is key. JELD-WEN suggests homeowners consider how the Christmas door decor will work with the door's dimensions, shape, color and architectural style.

Whether decorating a traditional Eastern home, a beachfront bungalow or a Southwestern ranch, natural elements that grow locally can highlight a home's entrance. Please see JELD-WEN's enclosed recommendations on what type of decor works best for different door styles.

Traditional Christmas Door Décor Style for Colonial or Georgian Homes

- Regional style: Colonial or Georgian style homes popular in the Northeast, South and Midwest generally have front doors with a traditional look and feel.

- Regional elements to consider: This wreath uses magnolia leaves, a common tree with many varieties adapted to different climates, and wide, gold ribbon. By using flowers or leaves native to the region, homeowners may be able to use fresh materials rather than plastic or silk alternatives.

- Christmas door decorations used: In keeping with the traditional theme of the home, this classic round wreath complements the radius top as well as the rich tones of the stain on this fiberglass door. Keeping the wreath in the top third of the door catches people's attention and draws the eye up.

- Door style: JELD-WEN® IWP® Custom Fiberglass Exterior Door.

Christmas door decor: Southwestern Style

- Regional style: The rustic speakeasy and detailed fixtures of this door can often be found on Old World or Mediterranean style homes of Florida or the Southwest, especially on homes finished with stucco.

- Regional elements to consider: Made of madrona leaves and twigs, this long garland adds a festive feel to this home. The garland has also been decorated with wicker candleholders placed throughout the madrona.

- Christmas door decorations used: While a traditional wreath would not work well with the speakeasy grille, this garland shows off a creative solution and highlights the radius top of this door. Because this door has so much detail, using Christmas door decor that is set above the door lets both elements stand out for an elegant entrance into the home.

- Door style: JELD-WEN® IWP® Custom Fiberglass Exterior Door.

Craftsman Style Door Decorations for the Mid and Northwest

- Regional style: Craftsman-style doors are a popular choice in the Northwest and usually have geometric lines or a shelf that can be incorporated into Christmas door decoration's design. This door has been customized as a Dutch door.

- Regional elements to consider: This garland uses elements found in abundance in the backyards of many Northwestern homes, including pinecones and fir tree branches. Other components to consider are dried fruits that grow naturally in the area, such as grapes or apples.

- Christmas door decorations used: Craftsman doors may seem tricky to decorate if they have shelving, but taking advantage of that feature and incorporating it into the decor is what makes this garland work. Additionally, the garland underscores the decorative glass and allows both sections of the Dutch door to swing freely.

- Door style: JELD-WEN® IWP® Custom Wood Dutch Door.

Door Decoration for the Coast

- Regional style: Coastal homeowners often choose doors with glass to maintain views and create an indoor-outdoor feeling.

- Regional elements to consider: For coastal holiday flavor, consider seashells and other ocean treasures found locally. The wreaths on this beach cottage patio door incorporate favorite finds from beachcombing trips and use a simple Spanish moss base to mimic a seaweed bed and highlight natural coastal style.

- Christmas door decorations used: These simple wreaths add a whimsical touch, but don't overwhelm the natural light and airiness of the door. The dark moss plays well with the dark tones of woodgrain stain and the ribbons pick up the interior color scheme, which can be seen through the door, adding to the indoor-outdoor feel. The round wreaths against the door's square glass panes provides some contrast while the overall look is simple and clean.

- Door style: JELD-WEN® IWP® Custom Fiberglass Exterior Patio Doors.

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