sheila ryan, mother of scott caan

Sheila Ryan Caan, the most silent of Elvis' lovers to date, has written a new book on her relationship with Elvis and the three years she was the constant companion of the "King." The first national interview with Sheila will air on Entertainment Tonight on Friday, December 8th. Check your local listings for exact time.

The book promises a whole new take on the public's general perception of Elvis and his so-called Memphis Mafia and personal details abound. The st b50 ory begins when the 20 year-old runaway is plucked out of the Las Vegas concert audience by one of Elvis' minions and brought backstage. After a little innocent flirting Ryan went home, only to be summoned back to Elvis' presence as soon as she answered the phone. She never went back to her apartment again.

Sheila Ryan Caan was subsequently married to James Caan and is the mother of actor Scott Caan.

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