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Theres no reason to speculate about various aspects of the African culture with the opening of Mr. Boniface Wewes African Artistic Ventures. From educational videos of entertaining and informational simulations with the translation of various African words to various books on African daily life and tales, African Artistic Ventures has it all. Mr. Wewe, an author of three books and a producer of four videos, even does storytelling and speaking engagements appropriate for various ages. The video garnered rave reviews from Video Librarian mag 5a8 azine. Titles include: Akwaaba...Welcome To Alphabetic Africa

Pay The Dowry/Cameroon-The Africa in Miniature,

African Ceremonies: The Zulu Royal Reed Dance

African Courtesies:The Ngonyama (Lion)

Mr. Wewes Atungsiris Ghost and Other Tales is a 48-page book that lives up to its back cover, which describes the book as 'a collection of six campfire tales passed from deep within the heart for rural Africa. The voice of the storyteller is authentic, so that readers /listeners feel the power of prose. These are contemporary tales, so they convey much about rural life in modern Africa, its customs and traditions, its values and the rhythms of living on the land. I plan to use this book the next time I teach a class in folklore," stated Alida Allison, English & Comparative Literature Professor at San Diego State University.

The humor title The Joys of African Sex, Jokes, Courtesies and Idiosyncracies" released in November 2004 earned a star review from Kirkus Review.

Mr. Wewe is also supervising librarian and works with Young Adults at the Brooklyn Public Library. He obtained is Masters degree on a Fulbright Scholarship from The University of Pittsburgh in 1991. He is also a winner of the 2003 New York Times Librarian Award for outstanding community service.


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