August 27th, 2014

Little Caesars Enterprises Using the TAP Series Food Safety Manager Certification Training Course

Little Caesars Enterprises has been using the TAP Series Food Safety Manager Certification course for over two years with good success. Upon recent adoption of TAP Series PAS warranty study guidelines, a 100% pass rate was achieved. Simply stated, follow the PAS study guidelines and fail, and the student will be re-trained and re-examined again at no further cost.

George Roughan, President of TAP Series, says, The real value is not the warranty, its TAPs study and results tracking method that allows both the employee and trainer to know when the employee is ready to take the Food Safety Manager Certification examination. The saving to companies is not only the saving of the cost of TAP course, but more importantly, the time of everyone concerned in the re-training process".

As more and more companies are adopting the TAP program, the cost of sanitation training is dropping while the public is being better protected. This is the true meaning of a win-win situation. TAP Series is an alliance partner with American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute and approved by the American Culinary Federation and Certifying Board for Dietary Managers for continuing education requirements. Call TAP for details.

To learn more about TAP's food safety, HACCP, and other courses, visit the or call 888-826-5222 for more information.

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Sandra Kovach