August 23rd, 2014

Contemporary Artist El Moises Signs Clothing Deal with Unbareable Apparel

Lifestyle Fashion Wear label Unbareable Apparel has positioned itself to make a distinctive debut on the mainstream fashion scene armed with nothing less than the licensed imagery of famed artist El Moises. The terms of the deal allow the boutique manufacturer Unbareable Apparel to use some of the artist’s most recognized works as the focal design point of a full "Signature" line of high-end street apparel: t-shirts, board shorts, wallets and other contemporary fashion accessories.

"Blue Corn Taco Vato" - El Moises; Original Mixed Media on Panel

Unbareable Apparel’s blueprint for the Signature lines calls for working closely with the sought-after icons of today’s cultural enthusiasts. To capture the essence of Urban Chicano culture, they tapped master artist Moises Salcedo Official Fan Site. Forging a world-wide collector following under the nom de plume "El Moises," – the painter is recognized as one of the leading voices in contemporary art, having earned accolades from some of the top artists living today: Kevin Red Star, C.J. Wells, Malcolm Furlow, Jody Naranjo, and scores of others.

With scores of "sold-out" exhibitions at premier venues throughout the U.S., the pop-culture art phenom says he is especially excited about the opportunity to make his artwork – which commands attention from serious fine art collectors, celebrities, and museums – more accessible to the public.

In a recent statement by the artist’s publicist, "El Moises has confirmed that he is, indeed, working directly with the senior staff of Unbareable Apparel at their headquarters in Phoenix, and is personally overseeing the implementation of his art work on their label," adding, "after being approached by several other manufacturers, El Moises felt that the ‘fit’ was right with Unbareable from ‘day one.’" Since buzz over a pending agreement leaked last spring, the recent start-up is working diligently to meet the demand for product samples of the new line for national and international clothing buyers.

Unbareable Apparel is a boutique manufacturer of self-described "lifestyle fashion wear" and accessories. The label’s emphasis on the development of unique manufacturing processes and strategic industry partnerships will enable the start-up to remain aggressively distinctive among the market giants.

"We are proud to have joined forces with one of the most-recognized artists of today to invent a line of apparel and accessories that will showcase El Moises’ incredible depictions of the Chicano culture and heritage," said Steve Wallace, Director of Business Development for Unbareable Apparel, "The Unbareable team has captured the essence of his artistic vision and produced a high quality garment that collectors and admirers of El Moises’ art can now show the world."

For product information, requests for catalogues, and media kits with samples contact Ellison Keomaka, CEO, Unbareable Apparel: 602-750-5950, or visit

About Unbareable Apparel:

Founded in 2008, Unbareable Apparel (UA) is a dynamic, innovative lifestyle clothing company that produces apparel and accessories that artfully inspire the wearer. UA designs are "built to inspire," the corporate mantra reflected in the production of its Signature Artist line of shirts – a visionary alchemy of passion for lifestyle and a fierce dedication to artfully minded aesthetic. It the company’s intent to use it’s influence in the global marketplace to positively affect the world community through active philanthropic engagement and educational outreach.


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