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Disaster Survival experts and workshop leaders, Susan Conniry and Tom Beasley, have created a handbook for simple, easy-to-follow urban survival techniques in "Ready or Not—A Disaster Survival Handbook."

Disasters often strike without warning, and because government agencies are often ill-equipped to help, most people are on their own. But, anyone can learn wilderness survival skills and backpacking techniques to help them survive, and even thrive in tough times, say authors Susan Conniry and Tom Beasley. Concerned that many “preparedness” books were offering imprecise information, the authors have used their 20 years of experience to create workshops and craft this revolutionary book.

"Ready or Not" is filled with tips and advice on how to minimize risk, prepare for and survive even the worst natural disaster, including how to start a fire with steel wool and a battery or make a lamp out of Q-Tips. “We all have a basic survival instinct,” advises the authors, and there’s no better place to begin than with this life-saving book.

“…Reading your book, I already feel better, less helpless and better equipped to survive, as well as able to help those around me. Thanks!” –Allyson, El Cajon, California

For more information or to request a free review copy, please contact the author via phone at 619-977-7132, or visit her website at "Ready or Not—A Disaster Survival Handbook" is available for sale online at, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Author

The founder of Backyard Tourist, Inc., a non-profit educational organization, Susan Conniry was recognized as Woman of the Year by the Rancho Bernardo Soroptimist Club in 2002. A citizen activist, she has been teaching for 25 years and was a planning commissioner for the city of Santee, California.

A 30-year veteran backpacker, Tom Beasley has been awarded 11 certificates from the renowned Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracking, Nature and Wilderness School. A graduate of National Outdoor Leadership School, he is also a certified Wilderness First Responder. Beasley and Conniry developed the Coyote Youth Project, an educational program for at-risk youth.

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