zimmer vs depuy vs smith & nephew knee implants

In Q105 the US hip and knee implant market experienced strong growth, propelled by the penetration of premium-priced alternative-bearing surfaces and higher average selling prices. In addition, joint replacement is increasingly being viewed as a viable alternative for younger patients, a paradigm shift which has served to boost revenue growth in the US. According to MRGs new Orthopedic Marketrack service, which surveys 120 hospitals on an ongoing basis, the Mid-West and Southern states of the US were the most lucrative regions, generating approximately 2/3 of the hip and knee revenues.

Zimmer (ZMH) led the US knee implant market in Q1 with its NexGen CR/CR-Flex Fixed (see Exhibit 1-1) accounting for over 12% of bicondylar femoral component revenues. Biomets (BMET) US knee implant sales were driven by the continued launch of new products and the enduring popularity of its Repicci II knee. This implant was the leading unicondylar knee femoral component in Q1, generating 24.8% of unicondylar knee sales.

Within the hip implant market, the rising demand for durable implants was evidenced by a strong penetration of alternative bearing surfaces in Q1. Stryker (SYK) offers the most popular ceramic-on-ceramic (COC) hip implant system, Trident, while Biomet, Zimmer, and DePuy (JNJ) are poised to offer their own COC implants. Nevertheless, hip systems that dominated the market in Q1, were Zimmers VerSys and Trilogy, and DePuys Summit (see Exhibit 1-2), generating 9.6%, 7.3%, and 7.2% of US hip implant revenues, respectively.

Exhibit 1-1: Leading Brands in the US Hip Implant Market, Q105

#1 Zimmers VerSys

#2 Zimmers Trilogy

#3 DePuys Summit

#4 DePuys Pinnacle

#5 DePuys S-ROM

#6 Strykers Trident

#7 Smith & Nephews Reflection

Exhibit 1-2 Leading Brands in the US Knee Implant Market, Q105

#1 Zimmers NexGen CR/CR Flex Fixed

#2 Zimmers NexGen LPS/LPS Flex Fixed

#3 DePuys PFC Sigma CR

#4 Smith & Nephews Genesis II

#5 Biomets Maxim

#6 DePuys PFC Sigma PS

#7 Zimmers Natural Knee II

Notes: CR= Cruciate Retaining, LPS= Legacy Posterior Stabilized, and PS= Posterior Stabilized.

MRGs Orthopedic Marketrack includes coverage of the following competitors BBraun, BioPro, Biomet, DePuy, Encore Medical (ENMC), Exactech (EXAC), Hayes Medical, Link Orthopedics, Ortho Development Corp., Stelkast, Smith & Nephew (SNN), Stryker, Wright Medical Technologies (WMGI), and Zimmer.

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