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Take two young Southern California entrepreneurs with a love of the tropics, years of construction experience, and an eye for opportunity and you've got Palapa Structures, a business that literally has it made in the shade.

Founded in 2002 by Shaun Cheney and Spencer Talley, the story of Palapa Structures is as unique as its products. "In our travels to tropical getaways," explains Cheney, "we would see these primitive umbrella-like structures called palapas. These were basically crude canopies made from wooden posts and woven palm fronds. One day, while literally kicking back in the shade of a palapa, it dawned on us that we could build a business based on building a better palapa. That's the day the dream began. The dream of bringing a little slice of island life to backyards and businesses everywhere."

Today that dream is being realized as Palapa Structures provides the finest and most competitively priced palapas on the market. Using the top-quality materials that only Mother Nature can provide, along with superior hardware and craftsmanship, Palapa Structures offers a vast array of ready-to-assemble products shipped nationwide with easy to follow instructions. Among the company's most popular models

are the popular Mexican Fan Palm Palapa, the exotic African Reed Palapa and the "Papa of all Palapas", the four-pole Tiki Hut. Custom made palapas are also available for installation in the vicinity of the company's Ventura, California headquarters.

"The best part of this company to me," says Spencer Talley, "is that palapas can pop up anywhere."

Providing the look and feel of paradise in a variety of settings, from BBQ islands to pools, spas and much more, Palapa Structures has served homeowners, hotels, restaurants, landscape architects, and large corporations. Customers, both private and commercial can purchase the perfect palapa over the phone or online via the company's website

"Our user friendly site features all the facts about palapas," says Talley, "including straightforward comparisons that show why our

products and superior customer service offer the best value in the industry." Wholesale pricing and quantity discounts are also available.

Not content to kick back in the cool shade of success, Palapa Structures plans to position itself as the largest distributor of high-quality palapas in the marketplace. So far the plan is on track. When Honda of America recently came to Huntington Beach as a major sponsor of the world famous U.S. Championships, also known as the "U.S. Open of Surfing," Honda chose Palapa Structures to build authentic island-style "Honda Huts" for use as promotional booths. After the event a company spokesperson said that Honda had chosen Palapa Structures because "they produced a superior product at a great price," the self-same principles that Honda of America was built on.

Palapa Structures is looking forward to the growth it has been experiencing and has plans to expand in its local area very shortly.


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