orange biographies for children in the 1950's

An 8-year-old girl confined to bed with a debilitating illness.

A series of books with bright orange covers.

A love of reading bo 5a8 rn.

Lost for decades, a classic series of children's books featuring the childhoods of American heroes and heroines is back! That 8-year-old girl (now a grown-up), Florrie Binford Kichler, will tell the story of the challenges and rewards of the rescue and rebirth of a classic children's book series, featuring the newest title, "John Hancock, Independent Boy," in a program at the Southern Festival of books on Oct. 9 from 4:00-5:00 in Room L9 of the Memphis Convention Center.

The newly-named "Young Patriots Series" titles were originally published 50 years ago as the Childhood of Famous Americans Series, known by millions of baby-boomers as the orange biographies" due to their bright orange covers. Forty years after a long childhood illness that began Ms. Kichlers love affair with reading AND those orange biographies, she founded her company with the mission of reintroducing the old series, long since out of print, to todays children.

Kids are kids no matter what century they live in," notes Florrie. Whether its George Rogers Clark longing for the outdoors while sitting in school or Amelia Earhart riding her homemade roller coaster off the shed roof, children of today, just as the children of the 1950's and 1960's, will recognize themselves in each one of the "Young Patriots Series" heroes and heroines."

Bring your children to Room L9 on Saturday, celebrate the newest Young 5a8 Patriot, John Hancock, and learn more about how the old CAN become new again!

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