Monthly Copywriting Genius (, a publication by AWAI (American Writers and Artists Institute), which focuses on top direct response copywriters spotlights Leon Altman (, a copywriter with a 27 year track record of creating successful direct response campaigns.

In the interview Altman reveals:

How injecting "organic urgency" can boost response.

The one thing to add to your "story" that will grab the attention of your audience.

When online copy can be similar to offline copy and when it needs to be different.

How to write better headlines.

Why knowing the rational benefits of a product or service is not enough.

According to Altman, finding the true emotion of his target audience is a key element to creating a successful promotion. "I try to refine the emotion at the heart of the matter. For instance, is it really wealth the audience seeks, or a sense of security? Once I feel I have a grasp on that, an understanding of the market, and a unique selling proposition, that's when I'll go off and work on themes or ideas for the promotion. I want the theme to be based on the target market and the unique selling proposition."

This issue of Monthly Copywriting Genius also features an analysis of one of his recent direct response winners for an investment publication subscription campaign which beat the original control by 444%. To read an excerpt of the interview, go to

About AWAI:

American Writers and Artists Institute 5a8 is an organization that helps people become professional copywriters and writers, as well as other work at home careers.

About Leon Altman (

A copywriter and marketing consultant with 27 years of experience. He has worked at agencies such as Wunderman, Young&Rucbicam, BBDO and DDB/Needham. He has created campaigns for a wide variety of clients including IBM, Johnson&Johnson, Coldwell Banker Ameriprise, iShares,, and, as well as many entrepreneurial businesses.

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