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Reports of marked improvement in their health by other victims of Multiple Sclerosis are now coming in to Miracles Now, a company started by Sue Ellen Dickinson following her own recovery from the crippling symptoms of MS. These testimonies are from those who have also applied the same principles Dickinson followed, by using Jon Barrons' Baseline of Health.

Dickinson knows firsthand what it's like to experience what she calls a miracle. Having reversed the devastating symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, she is now on a personal mission to share what she's learned with others. Dickinsons' book, "No More MS, My Journey Back To Life", has so far reached hundreds of MS victims worldwide afflicted with this disease, with hopes of reaching thousands more. In it, she reveals information on how she was able to reverse the catastrophic symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, giving step by step detail as to exactly how she did it.

Crediting the Baseline of Health as her guide back to good health, Dickinson states, "I was diagnosed with the secondary progressive stage of MS. There was no hope left. My doctor said, "get your affairs in order, because you don't have that much longer left to live. There's nothing more I can do for you."

Dickinson discovered the Baseline of Health through a friends advice, and says "I had nothing else left to lose. I simply followed instructions, and slowly the symptoms of this horrific disease gradually faded away, leaving me to lead a normal, healthy life again."

Because of her passion to share this life changing information with others suffering from Multiple Sclerosis , she created a website, and has made her book available online. Subscribers recieve her free newsletter, and can download a free report, "Six Things Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Multiple Sclerosis and How They Can Change Your Life Forever."

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