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Currently over 84 million Americans need New Checking Accounts in this country. Of that number, many of these individuals are minorities, single parents, and divorcees. The Dottie Marketing Group Consumer Club (DMGCC) has launched a nationwide marketing campaign, assisting those individuals who have been blacklisted by ChexSystems and/or TeleCheck, the official credit bureaus of the banking industry.

ChexSystems and TeleCheck are reporting agencies that provide negative banking information about individuals, according to their history with banks. This, in turn, can ban that person from opening a New Checking Account with another bank for up to seven years.

DMGCC helps individuals set up New Checking Accounts with one of three FDIC Banks which they represent. A new Banking Product being offered for the first time is, also, through an FDIC Bank. DMGCC is, now, offering a MasterCard Logo Debit Card which offers Unlimited Usage per month for one set service fee of $9.00! This MasterCard Logo Debit card is one of the first Bank debit cards to offer Unlimited Usage for one set fee!

The administrative process for both of these Second Chance Banking Products is fast and easy. An individual can get set-up over the Internet, via MoneyGram Express Wire, or through the mail. There is no need of a ChexSystems/TeleCheck credit check, an initial deposit, or an interview with a personal banker. An applicant is Guaranteed Approval, if they are, at least, 18 years old, have a verifiable home address and telephone number, and possess a valid driver's license, state ID, military ID or US passport.

Your New Checking Account accepts direct deposits, wired cash and electronically filed income tax refunds. You can, also, pay bills online, check by phone, or by electronic payment. A Bank ATM cash card is provided for easy access to your newly opened checking account. This Bank ATM card does not have a MasterCard Logo on it. However, it is widely accepted at most ATM machines and retail stores everywhere.

Your new MasterCard Logo Debit card accepts Direct Deposits, Wired cash, and Endorsed checks (personal or otherwise)through the mail! In your Welcome Packet, from the Bank, you will receive your personalized MasterCard Logo Debit card, direct deposit authorization forms, wired cash information and instructions and personalized deposit slips for endorsed mail deposits. Your new MasterCard Logo Debit card is, also, accepted all over the world, for your shopping convenience!

The one-time processing/set-up fees for these Second Chance Banking Products are as follows: New Checking Account set-up fee: $69.00, MasterCard Logo Debit Card, only, set-up fee: $49.00, and if you would like to open Both a New Checking Account and the separate MasterCard Logo Debit Card for your shopping convenience, the set-up fee: $89.00!

For further information and Faster Service, call the Marketing Representative in your respective area:

Krystal:1-877-827-7633(West Coast)

Denise: 1-877-924-5030(East Coast)

Kayla:1-877-835-0766 (Midwest)

Janice: 1-866-747-9831(South)

Debby: 1-866-747-9831 (Corporate)

Press Contact: Debby Thomas, Marketing Director, 1-866-747-9831 *

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