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Meta, a supplier of comprehensive medication safety information systems for the healthcare industry, announced today that the MetaCare Enterprise eMARâ„¢ implementation at Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) has been made approvable by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy (OSBOP) to meet the requirements in the Ohio administrative code for secure electronic signature of pharmacy and drug-related documents.

MetaCare eMARâ„¢ is a Web-based Point-of-Care Medication Administration System designed to monitor and reduce medication errors through the use of barcode technology. It has provided SOMC with an easy-to-use solution that efficiently automated their medication documentation process. With the approvable status, SOMC is no longer required to use paper nursing-administration and pharmacy records to conform to the OSBOP positive identification method, which assigns direct accountability to individual users of the solution. Physical ownership of the MetaCare eMAR barcode scanner in combination with individual entry information allows the SOMC staff to display patient records - a double level of security to meet OSBOP standards.

"Meta is truly our partner in patient care - not a vendor; they're the most awesome computer vendor group I've ever worked with," remarked Rory Phillips, R.Ph., Director of Pharmacy Services for SOMC. "Our achievement of secure, paperless nursing administration and pharmacy records within the guidelines of the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy demonstrates how well MetaCare eMAR has improved the safety of our patients."

The State of Ohio uses specific high-level security and accountability standards that are some of the most strict in the United States. The rigorous process completed by OSBOP at SOMC included on-site inspecitions and demonstrations of the MetaCare eMAR solution.

"We are very pleased to have such an outstanding partner as the team at SOMC in our mission to improve medication safety," explained Sal Barcia, CEO of Meta. "At Meta, we our committed to working with each of our clients to develop and build on solutions to promote patient safety, thereby benefiting our client base as a whole."

About Southern Ohio Medical Center

Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) is a 222-bed hospital in Portsmouth, Ohio, providing emergency and surgical care, as well as a wide range of other health-care services (see Programs and Services for details). SOMC employs 2,200 full- and part-time people, has a medical staff of more than 140 physicians and specialists and is supported by more than 800 volunteers.

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