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Sunset Records Group and Play Fair Entertainment announce the merge of Disc Logic and Sunset-Digital creating eSunset Records, Sunset’s digital-only record label. eSunset will continue to be used as one of the main A&R sources along with being Sunset’s digital distribution tool for its current artists. eSunset will continue to distribute its music as a label partner with Sony Digital Entertainment and with iTunes and every artist, including the entire DiscLogic catalog, will have a physical option to run any music through Sunset Records and its' distributor, Sony RED.

eSunset will release more than 330 never before released songs by Boy George, AKA, Fat Boy Slim, Sneaker Pimps, Gavin Friday, Tommy Conwell, Charlie Gracie, Eve Gallagher, Crystal Method, Goldie and more at every online retailer around the world beginning next month. Disclogic will start to run its' catalog of studio downloads and live downloads which they get the digital rights, through the Sunset Digital Entertainment system starting this month. In some cases, the artists will retain ownership of their masters and copyrights while signed to the label, and in some cases the label will own the copyright, and in all cases, the company has the ability to spread their music at the top retailers all over the world.

“This has always been in place since starting Sunset last year, and I have always said that when the day comes where consumers do not demand where our industry has to manufacture CDs and DVDs, it will be an amazing day,” says Chief Executive, Don Lichterman from his New York City office. “This is just another way for our company to poise ourselves for that time,” says Lichterman, “while at the same time, making our entire industry one step closer to being environmentally sustainable when we manufacture our product.” Lichterman also says this is the best form of artist development today and continues to say that with “Doug Rayburn running the digital division, we will not only see a great boom in sales at our company, we will gain great value as a company.”

Doug Rayburn, the President of the entire Sunset Digital Division and the eSunset Record label says, “Between the eSunset label and, we will be able to find some of the best talent from all over the world and then give them the ability to release their music all over the world without either parties going into debt.” Rayburn, who is the founder of will start to move its catalog through the Sunset Digital system with live concert downloads by artists like The Disco, Biscuits, Leftover Salmon, Umphrey’s McGee, moe. and up to potentially over 2800 live concert download titles. “It is the best of every world for a band because we have the best of every world as far as our global distribution,” says, Rayburn who will be based in Denver, Colorado. “If we see a band do well at either or at, we pick up that band with a physical option” to manufacture and distribute products the traditional way with brick and mortar retail outlets.

In a merge and buy out agreement, Sunset has completed a “buy out” of the DiscLogic company for an unspecified amount of money, and in that deal, it will begin to consolidate the two entities into the one branded digital-only label. employees will now be employed at various areas of the Sunset Company as part of the overall consolidation.

Rayburn and Lichterman can also now boast to having the largest live download catalog once the integration is completed this month. Lichterman says, “We have now become second in that market share at the close of this deal.” Lichterman goes onto to answer that Rayburn, in his job duties, will also oversee Radio Sunset, and its move to satellite radio, along with Sunset’s Mobile ringtones while reporting to Lichterman as a board member for the entire company.

About Sunset Records Group (SRG):

Founded by Don Lichterman in 2005, Sunset Records Group (SRG) is one of the fastest growing Independent Record Labels and Distribution Companies in the world. The company has four major divisions, the Sunset Records Group Of Distributed Labels, the Sunset Strategic Marketing & Licensing Division, the Sunset-Digital Entertainment Division and the Sunset-Filmed Entertainment Division. SRG now distributes over 105 CD titles, 17 Boxed Set titles ( and over 81 DVD titles (, along with 330 digital downloads, ringtones (, 5 Internet Radio Programs ( and over 350 live concert downloads ( The Radio-Sunset web site is at All corporate information and all information about the Sunset Records Group of Companies is available online at

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