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Parents of a pre-teen or a teenager know how hard it is to relate to their children. Or even if they don’t, kids have that special ‘rolling of the eyes’ created especially for parents and have long since abandoned their all out adoration of mom and dad and have now deemed them hopelessly unhip and clueless to what’s going on in their world. This leaves parents struggling for any common ground on which to meet.

Enter family game night! O.K. it might sound a bit contrived, but if parents can just coax their young adolescent to the dining-room table and find the right game to play, they’re sure to gain a notch of coolness in their teens’ eyes. Careful though, not just any game will fit the bill in bridging the gap between parents and their teens. It has to be hip enough to hold a teen’s interest, wholesome enough for a family to play and funny enough to keep everyone laughing throughout. There is a game that fits the bill.

The game is Quelf and it’s a family party game that promises unpredictable fun and silliness for pre-teens, teens, adults. And yes, parents and their kids can play it together. In fact the creators of the game – former college buddies and now dads, Matthew Rivaldi, Robb Earnest and Jeremy Fifer – dreamed up Quelf to fill a gap they found in the market when looking for a fun, family-friendly board game.

The trio, who have all settled down since their college days, set out to create a game that could be played and enjoyed by a range of ages together. They succeeded with Quelf, a game that sports a well-written and humorous set of game cards; characters with personality plus; and an element of wackiness and creativity that is missing in your everyday, run-of-the-mill board game.

Quelf is very simple in concept. Players play the game as one of eight crazy characters that inhabit the imaginary land of Quelf -- Super Ninja Monkey, The Dude or Mrs. Pickle Feather, just a few of its residents. Each turn players roll the dice and move a gamepiece that many spaces. Each move lands a player on a different color space that corresponds to one of five card categories -- Stuntz, Showbiz, Roolz, Scatterbrainz or Quizzle. Players draw a card and do what it tells you or pay the penalty. Though the object of the game is to reach the end of the board first, Quelf cards are really the heart of the game and provide the wackiness that will keep the family laughing long after the game is over. Each card drawn will have players doing things from the obscure to the outrageous.

For example, a Showbiz card might require a player to pull out some moves: ‘No one likes to do the chicken dance. But you do. So set the timer and do the chicken dance until the timer runs out. If you don’t know it, fake it. Make all poultry proud.”

A Stuntz card will might require that a parent perform an outrageous act (something kids always enjoy): Put your forefingers in your ears, your thumbs in your mouth and your pinky fingers in your nostrils. Once everything is in place you must say the following three times at the top of your voice, “Feels good don’t it?”.

Roolz cards ask just a player or sometimes all players to obey whatever rule is on the card. With several Roolz in play at once – the game gets even more hilarious: For the remainder of the game every sentence that you speak must end with the words, “Hear me for I have spoken!”

Quizzle and Scatterbrainz cards add another dimension to the game with uncommon trivia questions and ridiculous topics that require all players to chime in with an example. Think “ways to get your leg out of a spring-loaded steel bear trap”.

In 2005, it’s first year on the market, Quelf received a number of accolades including the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval for top-quality family games; Upbeat Magazine’s Board Game of the Year award; and an average approval rating of 5 out of 5 stars from unbiased reviewers.

Quelf even received a ringing endorsement from one of the top pediatricians in the U.S., Dr. Alan Green, Assistant Clinical Professor at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford and Yahoo! resident pediatric expert. Green played the game with his family and said, “We’re hooked! My family has never laughed so hard together playing a game. And what could be better than that?”

Well, nothing….except perhaps a nod from a parent’s teen that might silently signal that they’re thinking mom and dad are not quite as uncool as they’d previously thought.

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Fast Facts about Quelf:

Ages: Pre-Teen and up

Price: $29.95 MSRP

Where to buy: for a list of retailers

What is Quelf?

Quelf is a board game. It’s also a made up word that means anything that is funny or random. Remember that time you shot milk through your nose because someone said something funny? That’s a great example of Quelf.

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