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Veteran online retailer, Mountains Plus, is proud to announce the availability of Pronghorn Racing's new full suspension mountain bike frame which features the fastest rear suspension technology for cross country racing available.

Named after the fastest land animal on the planet, Pronghorn is a Danish-based bicycle frame builder specializing in cross country and trail full suspension frames. Their revolutionary frame design puts the rear shock above the top tube and moves the single pivot to a higher position. This system, dubbed A.P.L.S. (Anti Power-Loss System), allows for drastically reduced 'pedal bob' for the most efficient climbing one will find on a full suspension frame. The lightweight frame (2400 grams with Fox RP-23 rear shock) handles accurately and quickly, making it the ultimate race machine or fast trail bike.


Mountain Bike Action refers to the Pronghorn PR6-XC Frame's handling as "an enjoyable experience…allowing the rider to point and shoot where they want" and Bike Magic touted the PR6 XC as "undoubtedly a highly-effective race bike, we'd be more than happy to take the PR6 out for a day in the hills…it flew up ascents thanks to the efficient riding position and taut suspension feel." Developed as a high performance cross-country machine, the Pronghorn PR6 XC also excels at all day trail riding with minor adjustments to the rear shock.

"We're really excited to have the Pronghorn's in house and now available to our US Customers," says Erik Viafore, President, Mountains Plus. "We spent significant time researching to find the best full suspension racing frame to meet our customer's needs and we believe we've found it."

Mountains Plus is now offering the Pronghorn PR6 XC , the longer travel Pronghorn PR6 LT and the Pronghorn PR6 Carbon Alloy frames for the first time in the USA on their E-Commerce web site.

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