adolf hitler's personal belongings for sale

One of the greatest collections of WWII military regalia and artifacts to be sold at auction includes significant rare personal items of Adolf Hitler and his right-hand man and designated successor, Hermann Wilhelm Goring. Over 1,000 items are in the 37-year collection of WWII German, Japanese and American artifacts.

Hermann Goring's Gold Crested RingFeatured in the auction is an exceptional large gold ring worn by Hermann Goring with his family crest, Luftwaffe emblem for the WWII German Air Force plus the Elk's head and swastika emblem for the National Hunter's Association that he founded. Also in the sale is a large marble ashtray from his palace bearing the same Huntsman's and Luftwaffe emblems and swatches of fabric from furniture in his personal residence, Karinhalle. Personal items of Adolf Hitler's include his calling card with autograph and a large tapestry that hung in the Eagle's Nest. "The items were captured by our heroes at the end of the war and brought back home," said Randall Hill, auctioneer. "This is an amazing collection."

Other unusual artifacts include a WWII German field telephone made of black Bakelite from Hitler's headquarters in East Prussia, and an original wood carving by sculptor E. Renner from which the official Hitler bronze heads were cast. There is a presentation copy of "Mein Kampf" signed by Adolf Hitler on the flysheet and dated 1937, a scarce field marshal's baton and an original oil portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm II in the sale.

The military regalia collection consists of hundreds of NSDAP party items, pins, button and armbands, souvenirs, Nazi rings, collar tabs, sleeve shields, iron crosses, merit crosses, medals, badges, caps, uniforms including a rare Miner's uniform, posters and flags. Among other German, Japanese and American war relics are a sold brass Nazi Leica camera, pistols, bayonets, swords, daggers, helmets infantry rifles and other firearms, ATF-cleared machine guns, Hitler Youth items and photographs. Other items include a rare Libby original prototype of a glass land mine which was hard to detect, models, aviation memorabilia such as a Chuck Yeager-signed U.S. Air Force model plane, Goring's photo and patches from the Nuremberg Trials, books and posters including an original wanted poster for Hitler.

The public auction is being held at the VFW Hall, 300 S. Smith Street, in Dallas, Texas, zip code 75211, on Saturday, December 6 starting at 10:00 am. The preview is Friday, December 5 from 1:00pm until 6:00 pm and Saturday 8:00 am until auction start. Bidding is available on the auction floor, by absentee online, and live online through ProxiBid. For more information and a full online catalog with photos visit Randall Hill Auctions of Atascosa, TX Lic. #7455, at or call 210-663-7707 or 830-928-0707.

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