"Many administrative professionals are stymied by goal setting," says Karen Fritscher-Porter, publisher of The Effective Admin newsletter and website at . "And so are some of their bosses when it comes to helping them to set goals."

Often difficulty with setting goals for administrative professionals becomes apparent during a performance evaluation process. Both parties sometimes have "writer's block" when it comes time to complete that section called "goals for next year" (or something similar). One reason is that bosses use goals with all of their employees to measure job performance (and that's just one use of goals). But sometimes they think administrative assistants or executive assistants have hard-to-measure jobs or job aspects. Or the administrative professional believes that she or he repeats similar, sometimes even mundane, tasks year-after-year in her daily duties and she feels hard-pressed to set a "unique" goal.

Administrative professionals (and their bosses) who have trouble setting professional work related goals or career related goals for administrative assistants and executive assistants can get help with The Basic Guide to Goal Setting for Administrative Professionals.

This is the ultimate basic guide to setting professional goals and personal goals specifically as an administrative professional. Never draw a blank again when it comes to listing goals on annual performance evaluation forms. Learn about goal components, the seven things to know in order to set professional goals, types of goals, length of goals, how many goals to set annually and much more. Read questions that inspire administrative professionals to set goals and read about specific goals for administrative professionals. And that's just some of what's included in The Basic Guide to Goal Setting for Administrative Professionals. This tip sheet is even more comprehensive than that.

Administrative assistants, executive assistants and other administrative professionals and their supervisors can get The Basic Guide to Goal Setting for Administrative Professionals at .

The tip sheet is in digital format. The cost is just $5.00 USD. Employers may purchase multiple copies at a discount price to distribute the tip sheet in bulk to all of its administrative professional employees.

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