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For African American hair, a combination of summer sun and high humidity can cause hair to spin out of control. For those with hard to manage summer curls, patented Curlaway® Curl Relaxing Gel ( )is a natural, moisturizing alternative to chemical relaxers.

Distributed by Xenna Corporation ( ), patented Curlaway Gel relaxes hair gradually without the brittleness or breakage that can result from chemical relaxers. CEO C. J. Buck says, "Curlaway Gel safely and gradually removes curl and eliminates frizzing in humid weather. While relaxing with a low pH natural extract of acetic acid, Curlaway moisturizes hair naturally using plant oils, Vitamin B-5 (panthenol) and MSM."

Curlaway Gel is gentle enough to be applied over dyed or previously-relaxed hair without causing breakage.

Semi-permanent and reversible, Curlaway Gel transforms unmanageable, kinky hair into soft, loose curls or -- with regular use -- silky-straight locks in a one-step process that requires no neutralization.

Curlaway Gel has been on the market since 2003 and is now in select Walgreens Drugstores across the country ( ) in the ethnic hair care section. Ms. Buck reports that sales are rising due to greater consumer acceptance of the product as one that is not damaging to the hair or scalp, and word-of-mouth referrals to family and friends.

Curlaway Gel is also gentle enough for use on children's hair and was formulated to work on all hair types including Caucasian and Hispanic hair.

According to the pharmacy trade magazine Chain Drug Review, "For some, Curlaway Gel's best benefit is that it can be applied before or after dying hair, so that African American women are free to have both relaxed and highlighted/dyed hair."

Curlaway Gel should be used daily as a leave-in conditioning relaxer or as an easy-to-use overnight treatment. Because it's semi-permanent and gradual, it's very easy to achieve the style you want, including S-curls, ringlets, wavy, full and loose curls or completely straight. It's just a matter of how long you use Curlaway Gel -- the more it is applied, the more relaxed the hair becomes.

For many who don't want to lose their natural curls, Curlaway Gel has the advantage of being reversible: To go back to your natural curl, simply wait 6 to 8 weeks and the Curlaway effect will "wear off."

Ms. Buck created Curlaway Gel to handle her own naturally curly hair and found that the product was most needed by African American women. Satisfaction is high, even though the product takes much longer to work than traditional relaxers.

As one user emailed Xenna Corporation recently, "I am using your product, Curlaway, for the first time. I am absolutely amazed!! My hair has never felt so smooth and looked so healthy. Honestly, I never thought a relaxer could produce such a wonderful result! I know the directions say you will not see any change after the first application, but I certainly did! You have an awesome product. I have recommended it to several family members." For more comments from users, .

Buck says, "Curlaway Gel is truly revolutionary because of its lower pH and gentle method of relaxing curl. Your hair is perfectly safe from breakage while it softens, and improves in shine and manageability."

Like all Xenna products, Curlaway Gel is unconditionally money-back guaranteed for all hair types. Before and after photos, retail locations and other information, can be viewed at .

Curlaway Gel can be purchased at Walgreens in most major cities, including Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Houston, Dallas, Memphis, Kansas City and New Orleans. For a complete listing, go to

Curlaway Gel can also be purchased online at for $19.99 for the 6 ounce jar, which is about 6 to 8 applications.

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