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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is now available on DVD and video and although it carries an MPAA: PG rating for “battle sequences and frightening moments,” parents may still wonder if it is appropriate to rent or purchase for their children’s viewing. Discovery Journey takes the guess work out of these ratings by detailing the content of children’s books and movies for positive and negative examples of the following ten traits: self-discipline, compassion, responsibility, friendship, work, courage, perseverance, honesty, loyalty, and faith. The more strongly a book or movie presents these values-oriented messages, the higher it scores. Points are deducted for negative behavioral influences, such as violence, bad language, nudity, sexual content, scary elements, and the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. The result is a Character Score, ranging from zero to 100 that parents can use to select media that have integral values messages.

The result of the recent movie review generated a Character Score of 75 as follows:

Character Traits

Self-Discipline: 4 Stars

Compassion: 5 Stars

Responsibility: 5 Stars

Friendship: 5 Stars

Work: 6 stars

Courage: 5 stars

Perseverance: 6 stars

Honesty: 4 stars

Loyalty: 4 stars

Faith: 4 stars

Absence of Influence

Violence: 0 stars

Language: 6 stars

Nudity: 4 stars

Sexual: 6 stars

Drugs/Alcohol: 5 stars

Scary: 1 star

Bad Behavior: 4 stars

Suggested Ages: Discovery Journey recommends this movie for viewers who are of age 10 and up.

Messages: The movie certainly furthers the book's Christ allegory with a stunning visual sacrifice and rise of Aslan providing the perfect reminder of Christ’s sacrifice and rise. The movie also teaches children to believe in yourself and you can accomplish great things.

Discovery Journey's Opinion: The theme of believing in yourself and protecting your family is very prevalent. The battle scenes and some of the Narnia creatures (wolves for example) may be frightening for young children. The battle scenes are very graphic and the White Witch kills Aslan. Otherwise the theme and excitement of the story was wonderful.

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