first street for baby boomers and beyond

A catalog and online marketing company, firstSTREET, headquartered near Richmond, VA, recently expanded its full line of bathing solutions to include walk-in bathtubs for the company's baby boomer and senior customer demographic.

"We bring a lot of credibility to marketing this product," says Chris Fawcett, company COO, speaking of the firstSTREET collection developed exclusively for firstSTREET. This past August the company became the first catalog/Internet shopping service to receive "Certified Senior Approved" status from Senior Approved Services, a national network of resources, products and services endorsed by seniors and their families. As a result of a survey of firstSTREET customers, Senior Approved Services identified the company as "a safe and reliable shopping service, whether one is shopping through the Web site or their catalog."

"A walk-in bathtub is not an inexpensive purchase," says Fawcett, "and the consumer needs to have confidence when making this big decision. Our certification helps to substantiate us and, besides, our customer demographic has been 'baby boomers and beyond' for some time. It has long been important to us that we help our customers maintain their independence, so that they can 'age in place' if that's their desire. A walk-in tub can make it possible to live at home far longer. The tub we're marketing has a number of valuable special features that aid independence, accessibility and comfort. It's backed by a 'best-in-the-business' warranty that will ensure trouble-free use for years to come."

Fawcett says the firstSTREET tubs are quality construction, designed for easy installation by almost any handyman and for low maintenance as well. "They feature a 100 percent leak-proof, walk-in door, again with lifetime warranty," he says, "and a ADA compliant, high contoured built-in seat, easy-to-reach controls and--a real advantage--a quick-drain system for maximum comfort." An additional heater also keeps the water warm while you enjoy a therapeutic and relaxing bath.

"Actually," says Fawcett, "everybody loves the luxury of a walk-in tub. You can fill the tub much higher than normal tubs if you want, and it's a more reasonably priced alternative to a Jacuzzi. All our models offer optional water jets, too. They come in all different sizes with a variety of features, but with each of them, you get that full hot water bath that can be very soothing to body aches and pains. Whatever one's age group, a tub bath is still one of life's simple pleasures."

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Jeremy Hauser
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