In a new twist on an age old debate, two young nubile women in string bikinis fight poolside about the existence of God in a new video.

As Wagner plays, the camera seductively pans across their bodies as they fight in slow motion about whether God is great.

Reminiscent of the Miller Lite cat fight, Monty Python or the burlesque Benny Hill Show, the risque parody has gotten rave Internet reviews, but neither the Vatican nor any other religious leaders have commented yet.

"Too bad all atheist-theist debates aren't this entertaining," says one reviewer.

"Not just theology, this is how all debates should be," adds another.

The action features Killer Films star Heather Westwood as a sexy skeptic reading Beyond Reasonable Doubt: A Lawyer's Case for Disbelief in God, while hot stage actress Amanda Durbin flips through a tabloid magazine.

When Durbin's character comes to understand what her friend is reading, she shows the disgust of a sorority girl judging a cheap, ugly pair of shoes. As Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries increases in volume and tempo, tempers flare when the skeptic challenges her belief.

The fight then degenerates in name calling and scrapping with water, sun tan oil and a provocative slow motion plunge into to the pool as mock epic battle continues to the music.

Under two and a half minutes, the video more resembles a beer commercial than a dry a debate on CSPAN.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt author Geoff Henley said that is exactly the message he intends.

"My goal is to integrate skepticism into popular culture," the Dallas lawyer says. "When we watch commercial TV, read newspapers, attend weddings and sporting events or drive through our neighborhoods at Easter, religion all gets a free plug. But to find something about skepticism, you have to go look for it on the Internet or at a bookstore."

Henley employs the same sexual innuendo in a companion video that depicts himself and Westwood in the familiar setting of a couple leaving the home. While Westwood finishes getting ready, Henley the Bible's Song of Solomon hidden behind a Hustler Magazine.

Though she cannot see what is doing, she suspects he is up to no good and goes to confront him. We will not spoil the spicy ending for you.

Sex and religion are common themes for Henley. In the excerpt available online, the Dallas lawyer compares a passage in the Koran that depicts Allah commanding a feminine earth and heaven to come to him as a rock star summoning the Barbie twins from across a crowed bar.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt provides an attorney's perspective in a debate often dominated by scientists and clergy. Throughout the work, Henley charges that all religious myths are bad alibis and hearsay.

Faith, damnation and salvation, the lawyer urges, are wholly incompatible with fairness and due process.

Besides relying on well-settled common law principles, Henley, a former prosecutor and personal injury, provides a number of personal accounts from law practice.

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