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DevComponents LLC announced today the release of DotNetBar Suite 5.8 a collection of 21 powerful integrated components with the themed look and feel of Office 2007, Office 2003 XP 2000, and VS.NET 2005 that enables VS.NET developers to create professional user interfaces with ease.

The new release of DotNetBar includes a dramatically improved menu control that allows developers to create two-column Office 2007 style menus. The Ribbon Control enhancements allow the creation of an Office 2007 style start button and along with the integration of the form caption title bar into the Ribbon control considerable space savings of screen real estate are achieved.

To aid developers in the creation of user interfaces similar to Office 2007 DotNetBar also includes the Office 2007 style forms for creating a consistent Office 2007 style user interface throughout the application.

DotNetBar 5.8 also includes the new Item Panel control which is a super-flexible container for buttons, labels etc. that can be used to create versatile selection lists, drop-downs and galleries. The Item Panel control like the other controls in DotNetBar Suite support Office 2007, Office 2003 and VS.NET 2005 styles.

DotNetBar Suite 5.8 is compatible with the latest Visual Studio.NET 2005 as well as all other publicly released Visual Studio versions..

DotNetBar Suite 5.6 includes following controls:

- Office 12 Style Ribbon controls

- Office 12 Style Super Tooltips control

- Fully customizable Hyper-Menus and Toolbars with Galleries support

- Dockable auto-hide windows with Diamond Docking Hints guides and split-view document docking technology

- Tab control with 9 visual styles

- Explorer Bar control

- Side Bar control

- Flat Side Bar control

- Tab Strip control

- Balloon Control

- Alert Control

- Balloon-Tip Control

- Navigation Pane control

- Navigation Bar control

- OneNote style Tab Control

- Multi-Functional Panel Control

- Expandable splitter control

- Wizard Control

- Item Panel Control

- Office 2007 style forms

For more information and a fully functional trial version please visit our web site at:

Multiple license discounts and source code available.

We also provide movie tutorials for many DotNetBar components to help developers jump start their usage of DotNetBar. Please see for more details.

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