LearnSomething, Inc., announced today the release of LearnProPlusTM – a new version of its Learning Management System (LMS) platform. This second-generation Internet-based learning portal software is specifically designed to provide the features and functionality unique to retail chain companies in the pharmacy and grocery industries.

“Through our years of collaborative effort with key players in these industries,” said Steve Roden, LearnSomething’s President and CEO, “we’ve come to understand our clients’ training and communication needs. We’ve combined these discoveries with our technology expertise to create an LMS that provides the features corporations need in a product that’s intuitive for administrators and users.”

LearnSomething is answering the call from corporations for an LMS that could play a larger role in molding their unique cultures. Whereas many past generations of learning platforms were adequate in facilitating training, most did not excel at providing corporate-wide or group communication.

LearnProPlus delivers the tools to manage training and communications.

LearnSomething’s first-generation LMS – which is currently in use by over 100 pharmacy and grocery chains – provides a turn-key system for registering learners, deploying, delivering and managing courses, tracking users and generating reports.

“We succeeded in supporting corporate training initiatives through our LMS and online courses,” explained Roden, “but we know that as corporations stretch across the globe, they need to find ways to shrink the communication gap. That’s why we’re releasing LearnProPlus. Now our LMS can be used to train AND connect corporate resources – in a single virtual space.”

LearnProPlus makes available collaborative tools so corporate knowledge – from research to best practices – can flow easily and quickly between employees. Discussion boards allow employees in unique locations to post queries and exchange ideas. Virtual groups can be established so document sharing is available 24/7.

LearnProPlus’s expanded functionality also includes the virtual classroom – which allows companies to easily manage face-to-face instruction with online tools – as well as a new archival system for organizing the training library and the new alert system that has been integrated into the Policies & Procedures program to always keep employees current.

Prominent clients already using LearnSomething’s LMS include Hy-Vee, CVS, Stop & Shop and Winn-Dixie. LearnSomething’s LearnProPlus will be available for upgrade to all current LearnSomething clients over the next quarter.

Also announced today were the following new education programs for retail pharmacies and groceries:

Family & Medical Leave Act – how to comply with Department of Labor requirements, including determining eligible employees and requesting recertification

Bloodborne Pathogens in the Workplace – how to achieve compliance with OSHA’s Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act

APhA Immunization Update 2007 – how to keep pharmacists current on changes to the immunization schedule, reimbursement rates, and relevant laws

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