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The first celebrity oriented Nude resort and spa opened in California. What makes this multi-million dollar property unique is that besides regular day and night visitors this sea mountain inn has a healthy dose of celebrity clientèle who come to shed their clothes for that all over tan.One need only to gaze at photos in the lobby and see signed photos of people on the wall from Johnny Depp to Ex President Bill Clinton, Mick Jaggar etc . Have these people actually been to these resorts? The staff never reveals anything about any clients at all. What would motivate the wealthy and famous and regular folks to shed their inhibitions in public? Privacy Luxury and Fantasy-When clients shed their clothes they seem to open up and distress from the toils of life. See why VH1 in their new show celebrity secrets and the fabulous life has called this fantasy adults only resort the ultimate celebrity secret on the VH1 shows that air this December on VH1 MTV.

Recently described in the front page of AOL as the top five places in the world to be naked, this is the first Nude resort in the United States of its kind. An upscale environment as those who attend drift in Natural 100 percent mineral water - as if the Pool and whirlpool are filled with Evian type water. Also noticed was calling the sea mountain resort at one of the top ten celebrity retreats for the organizations Malibu California Sea Mountain resort.

The Sea Mountain Inn is so exclusive that they do not even reveal the hotel's address until someone makes a reservation with a credit card. This is the first property in the USA that operated 24 hour resort hotel without even giving the location's address before money for deposits are taken.

Called best celebrity spa in the top ten in the USA and also the first Nude resort to be featured on giving the rooms 5 star rating. The property also includes the only 24 hour pool and whirlpools and even the only USA 24 hour dance club and lounge called Taboo Gardens. The small and Private hotel hosts parties that become wilder then most could imagine as there is a Mix of pure nudists, and those who are in the "lifestyles" - The only similar properties are those of Hedonism super clubs in Jamaica and Desire resort in Cancun Mexico. The Sea Mountain is the only USA hotel for couples only with Nude recreation and very adult take on the experience.

This Sea Mountain Inn in the Palm Springs California neighbor Desert Hot Springs two wonderful and supportive communities has Only 15 VIP rooms however there are 10-70 couples who come from around the world to do the day or evening events - The Sea Mountain is a new breed in resorts and recreation. This luxury nude resort even has a 24 hour dance club which is the first in the USA. Recently VH1 aired the celebrity special noting the Sea Mountain Inn being the top celebrity secret.

Swimming ,Tanning , Dining and dancing naked? its all there.However the evenings stray towards lingerie and beach ware in the 24 lounge and 24 hour mineral water whirl pool.

The Sea Mountain Inn never has any single men on the property and there are never children there or people under the age of 21. Many USA nudist groups allow children and single men on the property - However the philosophy of the Sea Mountain Inn is one of privacy and safety to thier guests who travel from 50 different countries for this Nude resort. The Sea Mountain Inn is building a 30 million dollar hotel in Las Vegas which will become the first Nude retreat for upscale couples in Nevada. There are also plans to expand to South Beach Miami and Rosarito Mexico.Rosarito Mexico location which is 20 minutes from San Diego will be the 80 room only 4th nude resort in the entire country of Mexico. Sea Mountain has worked close with government of Mexico to provide a safe and first class experience. One of the fastest growing hotel chains as owned the the Wohl team this is travel as America has never seen before.

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