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ID90 Technologies (ID90T) is proud to introduce taxes, fees and charges with all ZED and flat fare itineraries requested using its’ Interline Fare Calculator™. With beta testing completed, ID90T is the first in the Industry to offer such a complete and flexible online research tool specifically for non-revenue interline travel.

“We're very excited to see the enhanced site go live as it will allow our employees to select a specific airline, different types of itineraries and it will display taxes,” explains Luanne Stetson, Employee Travel Specialist at Alaska Airlines.

This is the first time airline employees will know what each individual tax and/or charge is before purchasing their non-revenue interline ticket. “We are proud to offer taxes, fees and charges, but this is only the beginning ...” claims Tristan Schukraft, Managing Director of ID90 Technologies. “The ID90T e-ticketing Platform is constantly evolving, with new functionality being added every month.”

Interline taxes, fees and charges are just one of the many additional features being introduced this week. Already available in four languages, employees can now perform multi-city searches, search by their preferred airline and select from four different color layouts.

“This I'm sure was a major undertaking and ID90 was kind enough to allow me to participate in the testing, so that I can feel confident in their product as well as provide feedback making it user friendly for all airline employees,” said Luanne Stetson.

Offered with no upfront development costs ID90T’s Web based platform has been developed to fulfill the process of employment verification, travel planning, pricing, issuing and refunding of electronic tickets, making space available and positive space flight listings, as well as billing and settlement.

ID90T’s unbiased Interline e-ticketing platform allows the World’s airlines to make one single connection, giving these airlines the ability to protect, expand and enhance their off-line travel benefits. Ticketing can be done through the transporting airline or through ID90T acting as an agent, for those airlines looking to provide additional flexibility for its employees, while reducing their administration and related costs.

ID90T’s Interline e-ticketing Platform is a stand-alone and maintenance free tool that is easy to integrate to your current reservation system. To learn more about the flexibility of the ID90T e-ticketing Platform with no development costs.

ID90 Technologies (ID90T), a former division of ID90.COM established in 2000, provides Interline e-ticketing solutions for airline employee travel, via its Web based Universal Electronic Ticketing Platform. All of ID90T’s e-ticketing solutions are available with no development costs, are fully customizable and maintenance free, allowing airlines to maintain and expand their offline employee travel benefits, now and in the future. 468 days to 100% e-ticketing! Are you turned on?

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