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Vimo.com, the Internet's leading comparison-shopping site for affordable health insurance plans, unveiled a free online report about prices for medical procedures for women. "Women's Health: OB/GYN Trends Report" reveals that prices for medical procedures performed by obstetrician / gynecologists are far from equal from location to location. Disparities of average prices for a major OB/GYN procedure can vary by as much as 2,200 percent based on a patient's zip code.

The report can be downloaded for free at http://www.vimo.com/reports/womenshealthreport.pdf

"In the new consumer-directed health care marketplace, it's crucial for health consumers to know the price of a medical procedure," said Tom Cochrane, Vice President of Partner Relations at Vimo. "Today, more Americans hold affordable health insurance plans that make them responsible for paying for a large percentage of a surgery bill. The wide disparity in medical procedure prices that Vimo discovered in its OB/GYN study demonstrates the importance of comparison shopping for health."

The new report also shows that the gender make-up of OB/GYN specialists is shifting. While there are currently more male obstetrician / gynecologists in the U.S. than women, in 20 years women should outnumber men in the profession. This projection is based upon graduation dates and genders in Vimo's database of U.S. physicians.

Other important findings from the report include:

- Most obstetrician / gynecologists are concentrated along the East Coast, in Texas or in California.

- There are more obstetrician / gynecologists in Houston, TX and New York, NY than other cities in the U.S., based on Vimo's database of physicians.

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