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Following its first successful academic year, the Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute (ATVI) ( announces the expansion of the Institute to a new campus in Laghman province. ATVI is the product of a very successful public/private partnership between the ANHAM, LLC ( affiliate Knowlogy International (KI) ( and the Government of Afghanistan. 00004000 This coeducational, post-secondary technical vocational institute prepares graduates for employment in four sectors: information and communications technology (ICT), agriculture, construction and vehicle maintenance.

Construction of the major components of the satellite campus began in August 2008 and is currently 80% complete for a capacity of 500 students. The curriculum offers junior college level technical vocational education in 5 areas: ICT, construction trades, horticulture, auto mechanics and management/administration/finance. These skill areas have been identified by the Afghanistan Government and by international organizations as essential to future economic development. The working plan has been carefully laid out with ATVI initially providing training for 600 male and female students, and targeting to graduate up to 5,000 male and female students per year, drawn from Kabul, other major cities, and the rural areas.

"The successful operation of each ATVI location will be mutually beneficial," states Mr. A. Huda Farouki, CEO of ANHAM, LLC. "Afghan citizens receive training and education, and domestic and foreign businesses active in Afghanistan will benefit from a more capable, skilled local workforce."

In addition to the groundbreaking of the satellite campus, the girl's dorm at ATVI's main campus is ready to open and provide occupancy for 150 students. The facility is built in high quality standards with wide, large rooms which are well equipped with modern bathing, dining and recreation facilities and cold and hot water around the clock.

"The goal of ATVI is that it will eventually become self-sustaining; supported financially by the labor of ATVI students and outplacement of skilled students to the companies that need them," said Mr. Farouki.

About Knowlogy International:

Knowlogy International (KI) ( is the leading provider of training and development programs and related services worldwide. Since its inception in 1995, KI has been creating and supplying training solutions to governments, businesses, organizations, and educational facilities on a global scale.

About ATVI:

ATVI ( is a co-educational facility in Kabul, Afghanistan, where students are competitively selected through an examination process for the one-year condensed course. ATVI provides training for male and female students, drawn from Kabul, other major cities, and the rural areas. As a co-educational institution designed to support and educate all potentially productive members of Afghan society, ATVI strives to maintain a minimum threshold of 10% female enrollment. Courses are offered in our key training sectors: Automotive Systems Technology, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Building and Construction Trades, and Horticulture. ATVI faculty and staff are highly qualified; all hold international educations, degrees, and certifications. More than half of the faculty members hold a Master's degree or higher.

In order to build a self-sufficient, income generating institute, ATVI incorporates profit centers as a major component of its operations. These profit centers benefit the Institute, the local community, and the student as they provide the hands-on experience needed to compound and complement the education provided in the classroom. Designed to be mutually beneficial, the profit centers offer students the opportunity to experience and train for their chosen career in a real-life environment, the local community purchasing the service is charged a competitive and affordable fee, and the provided revenue is used to maintain scholarship programs and facility upkeep.


ANHAM, LLC ( is a leading contracting firm working throughout the Middle East and North Africa ("MENA"), Central Asia, and Europe. With a century's worth of experience between its principal founding companies, ANHAM is able to efficiently, effectively, and affordably deliver products and services throughout the world. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, ANHAM has international offices that specialize in providing local support and services to its initiatives, projects, and investments across diverse regions of the globe.

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