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Based on true events, the novel by author, Darlene F. Wofford, certainly gives 'grown-ups' food for thought in regard to leaving adult magazines around for children's impressionable eyes to ponder.

Already controversial due to a scene deemed as graphic, "Edgewise: An Assignment to Remember" raises eyebrows as the author's alter ego, 10-year old Delaney Rutherford peeks at pictures of nude women. The caper takes place in her best friend's attic where the older brother has stashed "Playboy-like" magazines in an old trunk. For a naïve and impressionable adolescent such as Delaney, who has never even seen a brassiere, the pictures are quite a sight to behold, stirring her curiosity, "Will I ever look like these women?" She finds one article of particular interest about the size and shape of a woman's breasts, and the words she reads that afternoon troubles her.

Her concern grows as she enters her teens and remains throughout her young adult life. The content of the article stated as a fact that a woman's favorite fruit determines the size and shape of her breasts--ridiculous to anyone but an innocent little girl. The article displayed nude women holding their favorite fruits and was pretty convincing to a gullible 10-year old. One overly endowed woman loved watermelon, another voluptuously shaped woman loved cantaloupe, while another's favorite was apples, and yet another was the banana. Delaney's anxiety begins when she remembers little green grapes have always been her favorite fruit, and she is worries that she has destined herself to live a lifetime with little green grape sized and shaped breasts.

"An Assignment to Remember" is the first of three novels in the "Edgewise" series about a young woman in an edgewise state of mind, driven to the edge by back-to-back traumas. As a defense mechanism, her mind shut down to block out those life-altering events, however it blocked other memories as well. A phsyciatrist gives her the 'assignment to remember' and record her memories which unfold throughout the therapy. The story is not as much about the actual events as it is about the healing progression and the prevailing strength of a man's unconditional love for a woman. To quote Page One Lit literary newsletter, "Wofford is a wonderful writer whose personality and charisma is vivid in every word and sentence in her new book, 'Edgewise: An Assignment to Remember.' This is the most honest, heart-inspiring book pf the year. 'Edgewise' is an example of how one woman wants to live in the past but realizes she can't. It is about confronting reality. It is about emotions. It is about communication. It is about life." A reader sums it up nicely on Barnes and Noble's web site in her review, "Edgewise took me on an emotional journey of laughter, sorrow and hope."

If the name Darlene Wofford rings a bell it may be because she and Carl, her husband of 40 years are both native Atlantans, and along with sons Kenneth and Cory, have been Woodstock/ Acworth residents for 35 years. She has been in the mortgage finance industry for 20 years, and every Saturday morning in 2006 from 10-11:00 a.m., she co-hosted an hour-long Atlanta radio talk-show called "Your Inner Voice." She has also been interviewed on several Atlanta radio stations recently regarding her novel.

The author will be greeting guests and signing her novel in Marietta, Georgia's The Avenue East Cobb, at Borders Bookstore on Saturday, July 14th, 1-4:00, phone number 770-565-0947. Visit www.darlenewofford.com to learn more about the author and see her complete book tour schedule. To browse the book for free and see reviews visit: http://301url.com/Edgewise. See the author's blog at "Darlene Wofford's Newsroom": http://community.myfoxatlanta.com/blogs/darlenewofford .

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