what do blackheads look like when under a microscope

San Diego based skin research firm Noixia has come one step closer to helping people intelligently enhance their image. This week Noixia introduced a new way to allow people to safely and completely extract blackheads.

According to Noixia president Naweko Nicole Dial, "Our new method for removing blackheads will help prevent unwanted acne scarring." Dial tags improperly extracting blackheads as a primary cause of acne scarring.

Noixia categorized blackheads as crystallized, malleable, superficial and deep to help consumers appreciate the shape and life cycles of blackheads and ultimately prevent acne scars. Dial justifies classifying blackheads by asserting, "You are more likely to cause acne marks when removing blackheads if you treat all blackheads the same."

Dial defines a crystallized blackhead as the type of pore clog that contains a mix of hardened oils, bacteria and dead white blood cells. The blackhead takes on a crystallized look when viewed under a microscope because as the white blood cells ("pus") that sterilize a damaged pore harden, they take on a crystal-like form.

In essence, Dial equates a crystallized blackhead to an iceberg explaining that, "You have no idea how large a crystallized blackhead is or what shape a deep blackhead has until it reaches the surface of the skin."

Like crystallized blackheads, malleable blackheads serve as a cosmetic nuisance. Malleable blackheads are sticky, yellowish blackheads that, Dial describes as, "Squiggly white worms as you squeeze them out of the pore."

Dial found that, "The biggest problem with malleable blackheads is that people can squeeze them every day and seemingly never get rid of the blackhead". The way to resolve the resurgence of malleable blackheads is to normalize oil production and remove the upper layers of debris that clog the pore.

To further describe blackheads, Dial distinguishes deep and superficial blackheads.

Deep blackheads are trapped in the pores and do not respond to most types of extraction, either manual or via vacuum. Dial notes that "Prematurely removing deep blackheads is probably the single most greatest cause of acne scarring."

Through research Dial has found that the smartest way to remove deep blackheads is to transform them into superficial blackheads.

Dial notes that superficial blackheads lie on the surface of the skin and almost all of the debris that is hiding behind the darkened tip of the blackhead is also above the surface of the skin. Dial points out that, "These types of blackheads are removed fairly easy with an exfoliating scrub.

To help consumers more completely remove all types of blackheads and more readily transform deep blackheads into superficial blackheads, Noixia has updated its instructions for using one of its most popular products, Blackhead Bandit.

Dial explains, "We found that heating Blackhead Bandit with a blow-dryer for one to two minutes while the cream is still on, opens the pores and helps to bring the deep, crystallized blackheads towards the surface of the skin faster than just using the cream by itself."

The main objective of Noixia's research on blackhead removal was to find ways to mimic the effect of steaming the face for twenty minutes. This type of treatment is utilized in spas around the world to prepare the skin for blackhead removal yet most consumers lack access to the professional grade steamers that effectively dislodge trapped blackheads.

Dial remarks, "This latest skin health innovation gives consumers access to the type of deep dermal cleansing needed to properly remove blackheads and significantly reduce their chances of acne scarring."


Noixia is an image makeover research firm dedicated to helping people intelligently, affordably and safely enhance their image. Noixia's core focus is offering customized skin solutions for individuals with severe acne scarring on the face and body. Thousands of people who coped with acne scarring have achieved a more refined and polished look at a fraction of the cost of cosmetic procedures by using Noixia products. Noixia's product development edge is based on proprietary skin absorption techniques, key ingredient release mechanisms and innovative wound healing technologies. Anyone seeking to remove acne scars can find custom, clinically proven solutions at http://www.Noixia.com.

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