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INPULSE TV is producing all original movies since product does not exist for women. Content for the network is being produced in HDTV, making INPULSE TV one of the first providers of Erotic programming for women to shoot and produce in this format. INPULSE TV will be available on Cable, Direct Broadcast Satellite, VOD platform, Telco as well as Internet Online movie streaming.

INPULSE TVs programming strategy is to exhibit the highest quality titles featuring the top male talent in Erotic entertainment for women. Julian, star of the first set of content for INPULSE TV is one of todays most sought after Erotic stars. Were so excited to have Julian in the productions," said Wilson he excites the female audience the way Jenna Jamison excites male audiences."

With over 40 years combined experience in cable television production, sales and marketing, cable and television veterans, Kimberly Wilson, Shirley Rohn-Saito, Sandra Staggs and Anne Aaronson have teamed together to create the first network dedicated to serving women viewers. Wilson said, I am thrilled to join this talented group of women who share my vision to provide programming for such an underserved market. Traditionally Erotic films have been produced just for men, and now were changing that." She adds Together we have our finger on the pulse of the real SEX IN THE CITY"".

Were complementing not competing with the existing adult networks", says Ms. Saito Its time this revenue stream was tapped".

Ms. Saito, Executive Vice-President of Affiliate Sales and Relations for INPULSE TV brings many valuable years of experience to the group with a track record of launching successful start-up networks such as ESPN, Video Juke Box, Adam & Eve and Spice. Ms. Saito will be responsible for distribution and growing INPULSE TVs subscriber base.

Ms. Wilson, CEO of INPULSE DIGITAL TV GROUP and Executive Vice President of Programming and Production for INPULSE TV has provided quality Erotic content to the Pay-Per-View arena for the past 12 years representing such high-end Erotic producers as VCA Pictures.

Anne Aaronson, President for INPULSE TV comes from the feature film world where she has been creating and developing film and television projects for the past few years. Ms. Aaronson will oversee the strategic planning and operation of the business.

Sandra Staggs, Executive Vice-President of Marketing and Publicity for INPULSE TV spent many years on the operator side of the business working for Intermedia, Rifkin & Associates and Viacom. As an executive for Fireworks Pictures she oversaw the international marketing and publicity of such films as Rules of Engagement", Rat Race" and Hardball". Ms. Staggs will be responsible for building the INPULSE brand and the publics awareness of the network.

Based in Chatsworth, Calif., INPULSE DIGITAL TV GROUP was formed in 2003, by its four principle partners Anne Aaronson, Shirley Rohn-Saito, Sandra Staggs and Kimberly Wilson to exhibit quality Erotic programming for women delivered via VOD, Direct Broadcast Satellite and the Internet.

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