Pornoob, an x-rated social network plans to make sure the adult industry is forever changed. "I want to see porn-stars get the spotlight and respect they deserve, I want studios and producers who have the skills to shoot great porn to find the talent they need, and most of all for their fans and users to be connected to a mature and safe community where they can easily fulfill all of their adult fantasies plus more," says Joel, co-founder and creative director. - A place for pornPornoob, which is open to everyone of legal age, suggests newcomers to create one of three profile types which allow controlled customization so the design is never to look broken. Users, porn-stars and studio profiles are integrated with niche galleries. "With the use of these profiles combined with galleries submitted by adult webmasters, the result is a high level of content discovery, community interaction and industry networking." says Joel.

Completely bootstrapped and built from the ground up, co-founder and technology director Theofanis says, "Pornoob will help stars and studios reach fans by using personalized profiles, with the ability to set their status', upload photos, videos, create their network of friends/fans and communicate via comments and private messaging. We combine this with niche galleries and user created content like blogs, events and classifieds. The site can easily be used as powerful marketing tool for anyone who wants to get out there." We also makes professional networking easy by allowing porn-star and studio accounts to 'request resumes' from each other, making new contacts and "connections" fast. You can view resumes within the site or easily download them as a PDF documents.

Quotes, attributable to Joel, co-founder & creative director of Pornoob:

"It's really the small things that add up to the bigger, more important picture of a positive user experience. For instance, setting any blog to 'Featured' so it shows up in its entirety on your profile page is great for promoting something. The ability to turn on and off picture comments which seems simple, but is still absent in many sites today. These are just a few examples."

"Given the unique experience Pornoob delivers, we needed the search engine to be equally rewarding when giving back results. Our search engine is not completely final and as of now will only show results for our galleries, but we're actively working on the best way to present the most meaningful and relevant content that is available on the site."

Pornoob's revenue model is said to be mostly affiliate and ad driven at first, but future plans involve an upgradable VIP account which will enable members to make money by selling content via their profile page." We're very excited to be able to do a summer launch in such economic downturn, and we truly hope that during these times we see stars and studios from all over the world make their way to the top, while providing their fans with what they do best." says Theo.


LBX Group sets the bar to a new level with its brain child website, A social porn network that will empower its users to get exposure, discover talent as well as find and watch the best adult content on the web today.


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