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MNI Media LLC is pleased to announce the Ms. Nude Internet Beauty Pageant. This is a full service social networking site for adults centered around a Beauty Pageant. MNI Media has provided a free social networking platform for beautiful woman, i.e. contestants, to subm b50 it their portfolio of images to be viewed and voted on by our user judges. Think of this as Facebook meets Playboy with an American Idol voting twist.

All users of the site have the ability to set-up personal profiles, upload photos, email, blog, send comments and invite their friends and family to be part of their network. This was designed and made for individuals who appreciate beautiful woman posing au natural and are not embarrassed it.

The Beauty Pageant is a monthly contest, consisting of five voting based categories. The categories are Best Overall, Best Breast, Prettiest Face, Best Butt and Best Legs. Each monthly category winner receives a cash prize with the Overall Monthly Winners competing in an end of year event and the Title of Ms. Nude Internet 2009.

"We want to give our adult users more freedom and individuality. We believe piece by piece, we will change the way users look at social networking and more importantly adult social networking sites," says Ivan Villa, founder of MNI Media LLC. "Our social platform is made for adults and as adults we should have the ability to post a risque picture or image if we choose. Couple that with trying to find the most beautiful woman on the web makes this a whole lot better than poking, tagging, splotting or whatever the other socials drum up to keep there users connected."

About us:

Ms Nude Internet is an artistic beauty pageant built on a full service web 2.0 Social Networking platform offering an interactive experience between Contestants and Judge, user base content submission system, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos and videos for Adult users with the goal of finding 1b70 the most beautiful woman in the world.

Our social networking software platform has many additional features. Designed into the back-end is a state of the art Advertisement server platform each page contains a minimum of two banner ads and two video applets for serving commercial ads. We believe in the coming years that mainstream advertisers like the Fords, Pepsi's and Dell's of the world will find this an acceptable platform to reach a more liberated user base.

We have also integrated a customized voting engine which allows it to host and manage multiple contests with user interaction under one domain. Contests can be run daily, weekly or monthly and on any category that fit.

Author Information

Ivan Villa