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No marriage is perfect. So what are the most common problems that 60 million married couples face? A recent survey revealed that the 5 most common marriage problems are:

1. Infidelity

2. Constant low-grade bickering

3. Money issues

4. Neglect/silent treatments

5. Boredom/lost spark.

The survey was conducted by Mort Fertel, author of Marriage Fitness, who is no stranger to marital conflict.

Unlike most relationship experts, for me the topic of marriage success is very personal," says Fertel. My wife and I were deeply in love. But then we suffered the death of 3 newborn children. Instead of soul mates, we became roommates."

After a disappointing experience with self-help books and therapy, the Fertels saved their marriage by instituting positive relationship habits into their lifestyle.

The experts wanted us to deal with our problems," says Fertel. But focusing on what was wrong made matters worse. When we let our problems go and did positive things with each other, thats when we got results."

Now a sought after public speaker and marriage coach, Fertel wrote Marriage Fitness to provide a step-by-step system of relationship habits designed to transform any marriage. Endorsed by relationship experts around the world, Marriage Fitness prescribes marriage fitness exercises" rather than conflict resolution and communication techniques.

The solution to most marital situations is to release your problems and spend your energy building your relationship through positive actions," says Fertel. If a couple does this right, their problems will dissipate and what remains of them can be more easily resolved in a safer, softer, and more forgiving marital environment."

Fertel cautions that if your relationship is on the rocks, you should NOT tackle your problems. Fertel explains that if your timing is off, you can damage your marriage and make it less likely that youll ever find resolution.

Lasting love is not the result of successful problem solving," says Fertel. A successful marriage comes from establishing positive habits and doing them consistently."

P.S. After restoring their marriage, the Fertels went on to give birth to triplets!

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Mort Fertel's Bio

Mort Fertel is the author of Marriage Fitness, a sought after public speaker, and considered by many to be the worlds premier marriage coach. The president of MarriageMax, Inc., Fertel is the first to approach marriage from the perspective of health and wellness rather than problem solving.

His revolutionary MarriageMax 4-Step Plan is consistent with traditional family values and on the cutting edge of sociological advancement; it is also endorsed by relationship experts around the world including John Gray, PH.D., author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and Dr. Stephen Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Mort Fertel has appeared on NBC, CBS, PBS, and the Fox News Network. He is also a frequent guest on talk radio programs including NPR. His breakthrough work, Marriage Fitness, has been profiled in Family Circle, Glamour Magazine, Fitness Magazine, The Library Journal, The Denver Post, The Orlando Sentinel, The Buffalo News, The Baltimore Sun, and The Toronto Sun.

A graduate of the Wharton School of Business and the University of Pennsylvania, Mort Fertel worked on Wall Street, founded a direct mail advertising company, and was the CEO of an international non-profit organization. He is also a former marathon runner and is committed to physical (as well as marriage) fitness. He lives with his wife and four children (including triplets) in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Marriage Fitness: 4 Steps to Building & Maintaining Phenomenal Love

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