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It’s 1979 and America is feeling weakened by the hostage standoff in Iran and by long lines at the gas pumps. Atlantic City is attempting a comeback with the legalization of casino gambling. Against this backdrop, Ken Webb, a likeable, 22-year-old, bisexual stumbles into the world of small time professional wrestling. Hoping to gain acceptance as one of the boys, he soon finds that EWA promoters see him in a different role. Seeking new ways to attract big crowds, the promoters want to pit the 160-pound Webb against their women wrestlers. It will be the first mixed match, man versus woman, in history. Webb’s job is to make the women look good and to entertain the crowd. He figures this will be not only easy money, but also erotic and fun.

Mixed wrestling, however, turns out to be more physically punishing than Webb ever expected. The women are skilled wrestlers. They are also brutal and do not hold back. In his first match, Webb is thoroughly thrashed and bullied by the six-foot tall, Cindy Domi, much to the delight of the huge crowd at the Atlantic City Convention Hall. Despite the beating he takes, the match is a success and the mixed wrestling concept is born. At the end of his second match against muscle girl Linda Armstrong, Webb is forced to give up to a girl in front of hundreds of people.

Feeling disappointed and humiliated, he nonetheless discovers he rather likes the rough treatment he’s getting from these athletic women. He is further disappointed in himself when he is unable to turn away from his attraction to men. His erotic interludes include Billy King, his roommate and fellow wrestler, Jimmy Costello, a hot-looking bartender, and Cindy, a dominatrix who delights in teaching him some manners in private. Webb now has a growing fascination for female dominance to add to his mixed feelings about his bisexuality. His nemesis turns out to be Beth O, a beautiful, talented and very sadistic lady wrestler.

"Fighting Girls" is a funny, entertaining story that deals with “outside the box” issues. Written in an easy, conversational style, "Fighting Girls" offers readers lots of action and a bit of erotica. The unusual storyline also examines the hollowness of conformity and the difficulties of being true to one's own heart.

In "Fighting Girls", author Thomas Edward gives readers a humorous, adventure-packed, and fascinating glimpse into the life of a young, bisexual man involved in the world of rough and tumble professional wrestling.

Ellen Tanner Marsh, a New York Times Best selling author, had this to say: “In 'Fighting Girls', Thomas Edward portrays Webb as a sympathetic character, using humor to deflect some of the seriousness of his struggles. Simply the idea of a young man being roughed up several nights a week by female wrestlers is a comical concept if handled right, and Edward’s touch is deft.....The heart of this unique novel is Webb himself, his confusion of inner thoughts and personal conflict that Edward successfully plays against the outwardly wild and colorful world of professional wrestling.”

About the Author

Thomas Edward attended Stockton State College in Pomona, NJ in the 1980's. He has been employed by the US government for the past 16 years, and presently resides in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. An avid runner, the author has completed 5 marathons and 12 half-marathons. Fighting Girls is his first novel.

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