02 October 2003 London, UK

Medusa Release Naked Combat - The 'Naked Weapon Viral Promotion

Medusa Release Naked Combat - The 'Naked Weapon Viral Promotion For Kick-Ass Female Hong Kong DVD


Online strategy, design and development agency Egovision are to deliver a viral campaign Naked Combat for the promotion of high-energy female martial arts action movie Naked Weapon.

The microsite at will become the main vehicle to market the viral promotion, along with the direct and digital marketing push for the release scheduled for the 29th September 2003 by Medusa Communications and Marketing, for their title Hong Kong Legends

John Lyons, Interactive Director at Egovision explains, The viral campaign is the second stage of the online promotion and is based around a fighting game, where entrants can play Maggie Qs character Charlene and have to beat five challengers for the title of top assassin (as is the case in the movie). This is something of a departure for Medusas online promotions and is the first time we have used a game for a movie launch for them. We feel that the nature of the movie and the target audience has made this the perfect vehicle for what we hope will develop into a successful and regular promotional tool for Medusa."

Lyons added, The first competition and microsite launched on the 29th August 2003, introducing entrants to the movie, its stars and the great special effects. It was designed to revolve around the movie trailer, so that entrants became familiar with the culture of the website and brand."

The Naked Weapon microsite will be the perfect medium to push the competitions and viral activity, that will tie into offline advertising and promotions in film and mens lifestyle magazines, national and local radio, tabloid and national newspapers. The promotion targets movie fans and gamers aged 18-35 (which are mostly men), and other special activity catering for women aged 18-24. The campaign will run until the end of the October 2003, ahead of the release of several female focused martial arts-based theatricals i.e. Kill Bill and Underworld." comments Debbie Rowland, Marketing Manager at Medusa Communications and Marketing.

Rowland adds, With the forthcoming release of the much anticipated Quentin Tarantino film about a former assassin betrayed by her boss Bill, 'Kill Bill, we are expecting a great online impact and reaction for Naked Weapon. Maggie Q was the first to break this type of role in this genre with a film that paved the way for films such as Charlies Angels one and two, so we are looking to use this as a hook to work into the promotions that we will be undertaking for the DVD release.

We have already experienced a 10% increase with the Hong Kong Legends marketing database, with 20% increase in visitors to the main website in addition to the traffic to the dedicated microsite. We will be using the interest and increase from the aforementioned to seed the second campaign."


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About Naked Weapon

Even before Charlie's Angels One and Full Throttle and the forthcoming Kill Bill, there was Naked Weapon [Certificate 18 TBC. Hong Kong cinema's latest contribution to this "babes, blades 'n' bullets" revolution is the sensational, action-packed DVD released as a Platinum 2-disc Special Collector's Edition DVD by Hong Kong Legends

This is one of the rare Hong Kong films to be shot in English, defining women as 21st century action heroes. Starring a trio of sexy female assassins, led by rising star Maggie Q (Gen-Y-Cops, Rush Hour 2; and the anticipated new film from Jackie Chan Around The World In 80 Days).

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