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Eduard Azarian is a World Cup champion gymnast and Olympic gold medalist. When his new gymnastics training facility approached Plush Cadillac Design to create a new website, the Newport Beach firm jumped--or should we say "vaulted"--at the chance of working with the gymnastics legend.

After his own spectacular career, Azarian left the Soviet Union in 1992. He has trained a large number of Soviet and American junior champions, and now runs the U.S. Gymnastics Training Center in Orange County’s Aliso Viejo. Azarian's wife, Marina, General Manager of the gym, says, "We had a website for our old facility, but it didn't look great. It didn't demonstrate the quality of our program. And students and families weren't able to get much from it. So we needed a change."

Plush Cadillac Designs knew the stakes were high. The gym has over ten separate programs, nine competitive teams, and two dozen staff members. Marina working with a dedicated volunteer parent, asked for a well-designed site that was expandable and easy-to-update. Their expectations were high; they wanted the same thing from the design team as they did from elite pupils--great execution, extreme flexibility, and a sense of grace. Nothing less than a perfect 10 would be acceptable.

Principal Prax Cruz began by researching gymnastics and youth sports sites. And he was shocked to find most sites were disorganized and amateurish. Worse, they were rife with outdated information. As an elite gymnastics program--one of California's best--the U.S. Gymnastics Training Center deserved better.

Working with website developer Matt Dasno, Cruz crafted a solution that delivered results like a young Nadia Comaneci. The new site was clear and concise. Parents were thrilled: with one click, they could access team rosters, photos, schedules, and news. The staff loved how easy it was to upload results and changes. The gymnastic center's president was ecstatic. "We wanted to blow away the competition, and Plush Cadillac Designs delivered. It looks great. It's easy to find information. And we can update it ourselves, so it's never outdated. The design exceeded our expectations, and we are very happy,” comments Marina Azarian.

Through planning and powerful design, Plush Cadillac Designs was able to provide a complete solution for the gymnastic center. This fits their mission: to provide the business community with affordable, attractive design, created by a professional, and built on solid research and strong concepts. Says Cruz, "It was both a challenge and honor to work with Azarian Gymnastics. We knew we had to be extraordinary: Azarian wanted gold, not bronze." Cruz says he enjoyed working with a client who is the epitome of excellence, achievement and competitiveness.

Plush Cadillac Designs is available to choreograph great print and web solutions for businesses of all kinds. Cruz believes that strength, agility and execution are core qualities not just for gymnasts but for businesses in every industry. For more information, or to view the Plush Cadillac Designs portfolio, please visit the company website at

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