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Who says Aunts can't join in on the mom inventor revolution? Well certainly not the founder of Wee Baby, Inc and inventor of the Scrunch Bottle Bib®, Jennifer Edison, who is a proud aunt of four. Her niece inspired product is the new revolutionary way to protect infants from spills during bottle feeding by attaching to the bottle instead of the infant and extending onto the infant's chin and lower cheek area catching spills before they reach that tender neck area.

Scrunch Bottle Bib

"It was so frustrating when I would babysit my nieces and I would feed them and it seemed like half of the bottle would come spilling out of their mouths and dribbling d 00004000 own their necks," says Edison. "I would have to try and scrunch paper towel around their chin or hold the bib up to their chin. It was a balancing game between holding the bottle and wrestling with the bib or paper towel. I knew I had to do something to make this easier, I couldn't imagine having to do this everyday," says Jennifer. Providing spill protection for babies was essential for the auntie-inventor, as well as a hassle-free solution for moms and dads.

The Scrunch Bottle Bib™ is made of 100% cotton, and one size fits all bottles. It is machine washable and reversible for double usage. The Scrunch Bottle Bib® is recommended for infants 0+, available in various boy, girl and neutral colors and retails for $7.99 each. They also make great unique baby shower gifts for friends and family. Purchase online now at ScrunchBottleBib.com and the company is offering 10% off your entire order until August 1, 2009 using coupon code "FTPR616".

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Wee Baby, Inc is a baby product manufacturer based in Novi, Michigan. For more information visit their website at www.WeeBabyInc.com.

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