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JK Ellis insists he is doing a "good" thing by teaching everyday people how to built a cult like following of happy, willing followers.

Perfected Mind Control is a step-by-step guide to helping fun loving and power hungry potential cult leaders to build the strong and loyal following that make living the "rich life" simple.

As a result JK Ellis has made many fans of his work as well as people who think he is the son of a cloven-hoofed beast.

"When it's done right, everybody can be happy in a cult. The followers feel joy and can create happiness for themselves at a moments notice and the cult leaders get the aclaim and acknowledgement they want too," says JK Ellis.

Ellis came to the business of cult creation because he noticed a lot of cults were doing it wrong, hurting people, getting bad reputations and burning out.

"There is certainly a better way to build a cult," proclaims JK Ellis, "and I aim to prove it to the world."

Starting with a histroy of involvment in cults Ellis created the website and his blog and tested and complide his knowledge into the book Perfected Mind Control.

"It's certainly not for everyone. In fact I tell most people to not buy my book."

But without fail issues of Perfected Mind Control continue to sell

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JK Ellis has over 25 years of experience in cults and helping to build them. He has worked as seminar leader, Guided visualization expert, and worked in public relations and advertising. This is his second novel. The first, titled Cult Control is also published on Lulu.


Founded as an idea that “cults can be good” it seeks to push the boundaries of Mind Control in everyday applications.

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