miQor Benefits Program.

iQor, a global business process outsourcing company, today announced the launch of miQorsm, a proprietary technology that harmonizes benefits across all 5 countries in which iQor operates--U.S., Canada, U.K., India and the Philippines--while fully automating benefits administration in all jurisdictions. miQor is part of iQor's NexGen suite of applications.

miQor provides a consistent approach to benefits management in all countries, while respecting the regulatory requirements and employee preferences of each country. It provides all employees a customized online self-service portal to choose an innovative range of benefits, from healthcare to education to computers, among other options. It also eliminates the administrative and cost burden of managing benefits by processing all reimbursements and other paperwork online.

"With miQor, we've dissolved the national boundaries in benefits management while eliminating the massive administrative cost associated with it," said Vikas Kapoor, President and Chief Executive Officer, iQor. "This allows us to put more money in our employees' pockets while improving our profitability. The technological innovation in NexGen is driving improvements in our business, even through challenging economic times."

About iQor

iQor (www.iqor.com) provides business process outsourcing to some of the best-known companies in the world from 21 Call Centers of Excellence in five countries and four continents. iQor's nearly 9,000 employees work with state-of-the-art technology that affords maximum flexibility to iQor customers to tap the best skills of a global workforce. It serves clients from a range of industries including financial services, telecommunications and government. Its services include customer care, customer retention and revenue recovery.

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