invest4y software review (, a leading provider of technical analysis stock software, announced today that it has released Amazing Stock Trend Signal Software (ASTSS) 2.9.5.

ASTSS is designed to help investors to avoid those tragic stocks and catch big stock moves. With the help of this stock software, investing in stock market becomes easy, just follow the signals, you know exactly when to buy, hold or sell your stocks.

The biggest problem in trading stocks is getting out of a stock too soon when you have a small move against the direction of your trade. If you follow the signals in ASTSS it will make a huge difference in your profits. By following ASTSS signals, you will catch those big moves and avoid those tragic stocks.

The main features of version 2.9.5 are:

Monitor up to 4 different stock lists that you are interested in

Up to 10,240 stock symbols in a stock list

4T (wait, hunt, shoot and profit) stock trading strategy helps you to improve your profit

Utility to generate famous stock index list, e.g. DOW30, NASDAQ

Do your own Fibonacci technical analysis -- you know where your stock is going

Draw your own trend line -- you know whether your stock is in good shape

Show moving waves -- you know how much has been accumulated in current wave and decide whether to lock profit

Save stock technical analysis chart to BMP file -- you may send your favorite stock charts to your friends

Support most famous stock indicators, e.g. RIS, MACD, On Balance Volume and so on

Support FOREX currency trading

Support Mutual Fund

Support world wide stock exchange

And more

There are more than 2,200 investors using ASTSS. All of them have improved their investment profit.

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