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On October 12-14, 2007, Keystone State Auctioneers and Fairchild's Fine Art will be offering at public auction an outstanding collection of art and antiques owned by actor and legend Jack Palance. Jack amassed the hundreds of pieces of art, furniture and antiques spanning three centuries of time and nearly every continent on earth before his passing. The fact that the massive collection belonged to actor and legend Jack Palance makes it an even more special event.

Jack Palance (born Volodymyr Palanyuk on February 18, 1919) is an Academy Award-winning American actor. While modern movie audiences know him best as the character of Curly in the City Slickers movies and his exciting presence in Ripley's Believe It or Not, his career spanned half a century of film and television appearances.

The three-day event will begin on Friday, October 12th 2007 and run through Sunday the 14th. Friday's offerings will be outstanding table top antiques, decanters, early lanterns, jugs, mortar & pestles, 100's of Books, crocks, sad irons, oil paintings By Bosco, Patras, Aldo Rocca, Ruggiezo, Dardari, Kimberly and many more, early cookware, smalls, furniture & collectibles.

Saturday offerings will contain a very large collection of Western Antiques and Art, Oil paintings by Shelton, Duran, Burrows, Kinkade, Bodner, Kendall, Jack Palance, whose own works of art painted in oil have sold for over $20,000 at shows in Las Angeles, Hoel, Dusso, McCain, Manning and others. Lanterns, early Cookware, Bronze Pieces By Maher Morcos, Peter Rice Jones, Harrington, Duchoiselle, Stone, McCain and others. Many pencil art pieces, Katchina dolls, rugs, branding irons, carvings, scales, early brass beds, guns, sad irons, military items, books, smalls and many other treasures. Throughout the day we will offer objects from his illustrious film career: photos, posters, lots of wonderful items, furniture & collectibles.

Sunday will be the final session. We will be selling Jacks large Pegasus horse created from chrome bumpers by Sean Guerrero valued at over $35,000 and his collection of Antique Cars. Don't miss out on the 1952 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith, Al Capone's 1937 Cadillac Limo with Suicide Doors and body by Fleetwood, or the sweet 59 Ford Galaxy 500 Skyliner with retractable top. Also available is a 1942 Lincoln Continental V-12 Convertible with Continental Kit and a 1929 Cadillac Coupe with Rumble Seat. You can also bid on some wonderful objects including Paintings by Jack Palance, Trevisan, Gen Paul, Solano, Garcia-Fong, Chapiro, Porfirius, Brunori, Antonelli, Louis Jean Noel Duveau, Bosco, Ernie Barnes, Bodner, Dardari, Buratt, Dmitrienko and others. There will be drawings by D. Solano, Louis Duveau, Probst and others, Bronze pieces by Moffett, Basil, Lossgott, Droual and others, Tiffany lamps, hand painted pottery, many Brass pieces to include Clocks, Candle Sticks and others, a carousel horse, crystal, silver, tapestries, porcelain, china, fabulous furniture, a huge collection of art, large Stain Glass windows, chandeliers, lamps, clocks, superb upright Steinway Piano (serial # 67048), books, prints, brass and copper vessels, a phonograph, and music boxes, Don't miss the outstanding last day to get a piece of Jack's Collection.

Of Ukrainian descent, Palance was born in Lattimer Mines, Pennsylvania. He was the son of a coal miner. In the late 1930s, he started a professional boxing career. Fighting under the name Jack Brazzo, Palance reportedly compiled a record of 15 consecutive victories with 12 knockouts.

With the outbreak of World War II, Palance's boxing career ended and he joined the military. Palance's rugged face, which took many beatings in the boxing ring, was disfigured when he bailed out of his burning B-24. Plastic surgeons repaired the obvious damage but left him with a distinctive, somewhat gaunt look. After much reconstructive surgery, he was discharged in 1944. Palance graduated from Stanford University in 1947 with a degree in Drama; during that time he worked several jobs while waiting for his big break into acting. In 1947, Palance made his Broadway debut, followed three years later by his screen debut, in the movie Panic in the Streets (1950). He was quickly recognized for his skill as a character actor, receiving an Academy Award nomination for only his third film role, as Lester Blaine in Sudden Fear. The following year, Palance was Oscar- nominated again, for his role as the evil gunfighter Wilson in Shane. Several other Western roles followed, but he would also play such varied roles as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dracula, and Attila the Hun. In 1957, Palance won an Emmy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Mountain McClintock in the Playhouse 90 production of Rod Serling's Requiem for a Heavyweight. While still busy making movies, in the 1980s, Palance also co-hosted (with his daughter Holly Palance), the television series Ripley's Believe It or Not. Four decades after his film debut, Palance finally won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor on March 30, 1992, for his performance as cowboy Curly Washburn in the 1991 comedy City Slickers.

Palance's first wife was Virginia Baker. They had three children: Holly, Brooke and Cody. In May 1987, Jack married Elaine Rogers. Palance painted and sold landscape art with a poem included on the back of each picture. He is also the author of The Forest of Love, a book of poems, published October 1, 1996, by Summerhouse Press. Jack was a passionate and diverse collector, amassing a huge eclectic collection of art and antiques. During his travels worldwide he would spend his time off the movie sets adding to his collections and would ship his items back to the United States.

His massive accumulation of art and antiques is currently housed at the Holly-Brooke Ranch in Tehachapi, California. In this fantastic auction appealing to the arts and antiques community as well as film history collectors, more than 2500 items (approximately 1,400 lots) will come under the hammer with no minimum or reserve.

Jim Chamberlin, President/CEO of Keystone State Auctioneers Inc. said, "We are proud to offer you the entire contents of Mr. Palance's amazing collection. This is truly an auction that you will not want to miss. It is very rare to be invited on site to where our celebrity clients live to hold the auction. In most cases the items are removed to an auction house. We are pleased and excited to be involved."

Keystone State Auctioneers Inc. is a member in good standing of the Pennsylvania and National Auctioneers Associations and over the last ten years has held over 700 auctions. Jim adds "Specializing in premium auction service to elite and specialized clientele such as celebrities, athletes and executives has been an exciting growth area for our corporation." Fredrick H Schrader, Fairchild's Fine Art, Napa Valley stated "There will be something for everyone. We have priceless Antique Automobiles to world class artwork and Jack's own oil paintings."

Our services have been employed by companies such as IBM Corp, Pennsylvania State University, Fulton Financial Corp, M&T Bank, Hershey Medical Center, Jess S Morgan & Company Inc, Textron Lycoming, Decision One, Comcast, Maryland University, Century 21, Bloomsburg United Way of America, American Rescue Workers, STEP Inc, West Pharmaceutical, Shop-Vac, UGI, Fox Roach Realty, Amerigas, Insurance Companies, Leasing Groups, Schools, Government and many others too numerous to mention. We invite you or your organization to give our services a try.

The Jack Palance Auction will be held at Jack's Holly-Brooke Ranch, 28749 Banducci Road Tehachapi Ca, 93581 on October 12-14, 2007. Details of this exciting event and online bidding can be seen at Keystone State Auctioneer's web site http://www.KeystoneAuctioneers.com or http://www.JackPalanceEstate.com

Jim Chamberlin can be reached at 570-329-1005.

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