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Holbrook, NY (PRWEB) July 13, 2006 – The Back Rubber (, a vending business that is one of the top franchise opportunities of the year, is seeking entrepreneurs looking for a way to make money with no overhead and little initial investment. As a business opportunity, the Back Rubber is both simple and elegant. Massage chairs are big money makers no matter where they are placed -- in malls, at the gym, in salons or anywhere people gather searching for relaxation.

People are drawn to the Back Rubber for a wide range of reasons. It is close to the perfect home business opportunity. Entrepreneurs can realize high profit margins with little overhead and the ability to start small and grow their franchise at their own pace. Some may find that rapid growth is desirable. Others will be able to start small and grow slowly. Pace is up to each entrepreneur.

Vending is an inherently smart choice for people venturing into their own business. The industry is growing rapidly and is nearly recession-proof. The Back Rubber franchise is an excellent bet. People will always look to the relief contained in the small indulgence offered by a massage chair.

Additionally, Back Rubber franchisees answer to no one. They are their own bosses, setting their own hours and thei 558 r own vacation time and with no employees to worry about. And because it's a vending business, the Back Rubber is an all cash business, there are no receivables. People starting with the Back Rubber often have little or no small business experience. It doesn't take them long to get the hang of the business, however, and they are making a quick return on their investment in no time. Partially it's because of the superior support offered to franchise owners and it's partly because the vending industry is easy and quick to learn.

The Back Rubber offers a superior massage chair, with four commercial motors providing customers a Shiatsu massage. The extra large chairs accommodate the widest range of clientele. A durable, high-quality bill acceptor lets customers have three full minutes of massage for $1. This is a rare vending opportunity that requires no inventory. Simply set up the chairs and watch people beat a path to relief.

Existing franchise owners are very happy with their decision to give the Back Rubber a try. "I own a route of 32 massage chairs in all different kinds of locations 12f and I average $350-$400 per month per location. It's a great business," said Vincent Gebbia, Back Rubber owner from New York.

Clients can use their Back Rubber franchise as a supplement to their existing income or as a full time job. For more information on this vending opportunity, 1e05 visit the company's Web site at


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