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NewspaperDirect Inc., the world leader in multi-channel newspaper and magazine content distribution and monetization, announces that version 2 of its PressReader software is now available for the iRex Digital Reader, delivering more than 1,000 full content newspapers and magazines to users of this unique eReading device.

PressReader V2 on iRex Digital ReaderIntroduced in December 2008 and now pre-installed on the iRex 1000 series of digital readers, NewspaperDirect's PressReader software has enabled thousands of downloads of publications from the largest online newspaper and magazine kiosk in the world,, as well as hundreds of privately labelled ePapers powered by PressDisplay and SmartEdition technology; publications such as: The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Age, Le Figaro, The Irish Times and all CanWest, Sun Media and Transcontinental titles.

Unlike Amazon's Kindle which offers limited website content from only 58 titles, PressReader allows users to download over 1,000 full-content newspapers in their original format, with all the articles, pictures, cartoons and advertisements found in the printed editions. This ensures that all 1,000 publications on the iRex are recognized as audited paid circulation by international audit bureaus, a critical factor for publishers looking to increase revenues and reach.

"PressReader V2, coupled with NewspaperDirect's innovative processing technology opens unique opportunities for publishers to reach new audiences and monetize their content," said Alex Kroogman, CEO of NewspaperDirect. "There will be an array of new eReading devices introduced into the market in the upcoming months and all 1,000 our publishing partners can rest assured that their content will be available on these devices from Day One, with the help of PressReader."

PressReader V2 for the iRex DR1000 also comes with enhanced navigation features, easy-to-read text views, article hyperlinks and interactive tables of content as demonstrated this video.

NewspaperDirect's PressReader software and proprietary SmartEdition technology is available to all publishing partners for no operational cost. NewspaperDirect also provides full hosting, payment acceptance, customer service management and technical support to all of its publishers at no extra charge. Publisher inquiries can be sent directly to

For a 1 month free trial of PressReader V2 on the iRex Digital Reader, users can register at using offer code: iRex

About NewspaperDirect Inc.

Founded in 1999, NewspaperDirect Inc. is the world leader in multi-channel newspaper and magazine content distribution and monetization. NewspaperDirect offers more than 1,000 newspaper and magazine titles through a global network of 1,200 print locations in 105 countries, delivering them to hotels, libraries, cruise ships, corporate offices, retail outlets, home subscribers, and Web browsers everywhere.

The company's offering is the world's largest online newspaper kiosk, providing instant access to hundreds of newspapers and magazines from around the world. Users can view publications online, download titles for offline viewing usng PressReader, vote and comment on articles, instantly translate articles into 12 different languages, listen to publications on their PCs, Macs or mobile devices. They can also enjoy reading hundreds of publications that have been optimized for smartphones, iPhones, iPod Touch and BlackBerry devices, as well as the latest e-Readers, such as the iRex DR1000. Special versions of are available for the library, corporate, airline, hotel and OEM markets.

NewspaperDirect's SmartEdition ePaper solution, powered by PressDisplay technology, fits every publisher's needs with zero operational cost. With SmartEdition, a publisher's subscribers benefit from anywhere/anytime access to current and back issues of their publications, while enjoying premium digital features such as voice narration, instant translation, article sharing, integration with leading blog platforms, and advanced searching. NewspaperDirect provides full hosting, payment acceptance, customer service management and technical support.

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